[166] Saint Thomas Aquinas, S. 2d 552, 557 (La. Entrusting them with the mission of remaining in each city to “put in order what remains to be done” (Tit 1:5; cf. 37, a. Although no physical evidence linked them to the deaths of two white men, Lee and Pitts’ guilty pleas, the testimony of an alleged eyewitness, and incompetent defense counsel led to their convictions. [146] This is the principle of universality intrinsic to the Gospel, for the Father desires the salvation of every man and woman, and his saving plan consists in “gathering up all things in Christ, things in heaven and things on earth” (Eph 1:10). We must keep in mind, however, that we are constantly being called to grow. 42. On February 18, 2004, a jury found Gell not guilty on all counts, and he left the court with his family. 4. Fundamentally it is a “spiritual sensitivity for reading God’s message in events”,[121] and this is much more than simply finding something interesting to say. At a subsequent court hearing, the court overturned his conviction, and no further charges were raised in the case. Parham began to reassemble the case and review the evidence, he hired former Harris County assistant district attorney Kelly Siegler as a special prosecutor. After the trial, Crawford’s appeal lawyers obtained additional evidence from experts in the fields of pediatric pathology, pediatric neuropathology, and pediatric infectious disease that the child had died of natural causes. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 02/08/18: We Needed a Vacation Ch. Justice James Heiple, writing for the court said, “When the state cannot meet its burden of proof, the defendant must go free.” (Illinois v. Smith, 708 N.E.2d 365 (1999)). Defense attorney Joseph Cheshire stated, “I think in the last five to six years, there’s a fairly well-demonstrated pattern of wrongful convictions in North Carolina that are only now coming to light because of our new open discovery law.”. In August 2002, the Arizona Supreme Court unanimously overturned his conviction, stating that the trial court committed reversible error by excluding evidence of another suspect. He was acquitted of all charges, and the trial court indicated that Croy also would have been acquitted of the conspiracy and assault charges if they had been included among the charges at issue in his retrial. In the meantime all those lives stunted for lack of opportunity seem a mere spectacle; they fail to move us. The Church has realized that the need to heed this plea is itself born of the liberating action of grace within each of us, and thus it is not a question of a mission reserved only to a few: “The Church, guided by the Gospel of mercy and by love for mankind, hears the cry for justice and intends to respond to it with all her might”. This is the informal preaching which takes place in the middle of a conversation, something along the lines of what a missionary does when visiting a home. Prosecutors in North Carolina on December 11, 2007 dropped all charges against Jonathon Hoffman, who had been convicted and sentenced to death for the 1995 murder of a jewelry storeowner. Mk 1:27). Toney was killed in an automobile accident one month after his release. Today’s economic mechanisms promote inordinate consumption, yet it is evident that unbridled consumerism combined with inequality proves doubly damaging to the social fabric. Indeed, this evidence was so strong that had it been disclosed during of the investigation there would not have been sufficient evidence to even arrest Mr. Ford!”. Without new life and an authentic evangelical spirit, without the Church’s “fidelity to her own calling”, any new structure will soon prove ineffective. Tibbs was sentenced to death for the rape of a sixteen-year-old white girl and the murder of her companion. What calls us to action are realities illuminated by reason. Massachusetts Conviction: 1971, Charges Dismissed: 1982. (HINTON V. ALABAMA, No. North Carolina — Conviction: 1984, Charges Dismissed: 2014. Everyone needs to be touched by the comfort and attraction of God’s saving love, which is mysteriously at work in each person, above and beyond their faults and failings. Rather than experts in dire predictions, dour judges bent on rooting out every threat and deviation, we should appear as joyful messengers of challenging proposals, guardians of the goodness and beauty which shine forth in a life of fidelity to the Gospel. In addition, Mullen’s husband was originally a suspect in the murder (Id. In 1968, all four were convicted and Limone was sentenced to die in Massachusetts’ electric chair, but was spared in 1974 when Massachusetts abolished the death penalty and his sentence was commuted to life in prison. B. Rogers, DA drops charges against Alfred Brown, Houston Chronicle, June 8, 2015. If the preacher does not make this effort, his preaching will quite likely have neither unity nor order; what he has to say will be a mere accumulation of various disjointed ideas incapable of inspiring others. Some politicians take advantage of this confusion to justify acts of discrimination. 241. Results of those tests not only excluded Fain, but pointed to two other suspects. Johnson was retried and, despite the testimony of this second witness, was convicted of second-degree murder. Oklahoma District Attorney David Prater dropped charges against Yancy Douglas, 35, and Paris Powell, 36, after deciding the state’s key witness was unreliable. [154] Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, 157. Our mandate is to “go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation” (Mk 16:15), for “the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the children of God” (Rom 8:19). 242. At his initial trial, Morris was represented by Ronald Slick, who was criticized in 2001 for giving prosecutors confidential documents to help them keep a former client on death row. (New York Times, 2/6/99 and 3/12/99). A gun and car seen at the crime scene were linked to a man who was arrested in 1978 for another murder, but he was never charged in Franks’ murder. If we really want to achieve a healthy world economy, what is needed at this juncture of history is a more efficient way of interacting which, with due regard for the sovereignty of each nation, ensures the economic well-being of all countries, not just of a few. Ohio Conviction: 1984, Charges Dismissed: 1990, Johnston was sentenced to death in 1984 by a 3-judge panel for the murder of his stepdaughter and her fiancee. Charges against Adams were formally dropped on June 7, 2004. (State v. Manning, 495 S.E.2d 191 (SC 1997)). 1989),The Dallas Times Herald, 10/2/90, and Washington Post, 2/1/95). “I’d never been under such pressure, people yelling and screaming at me,” McCollum said of his interrogation. Smith, a former high school principal, was convicted of the 1979 murder of 3 people, though his death sentence was later reduced to life. Gell was originally convicted in 1998 and spent the next four years on death row until a new trial was ordered. Those charges alleged that Washington’s representation of Orange and others “amounted to professional misconduct.” (Chicago Tribune, November 15, 1999). We can work on a small scale, in our own neighbourhood, but with a larger perspective. See a list of all of the additional exonerations here. When they could not agree on a verdict after several hours, the judge ordered the jury to resume deliberations until a verdict was reached. The configuration of the priest to Christ the head – namely, as the principal source of grace – does not imply an exaltation which would set him above others. Let us not forget that “responsible citizenship is a virtue, and participation in political life is a moral obligation”. Yes to the challenge of a missionary spirituality. An assistant state attorney general resigned because she thought the evidence showed Cruz was innocent and thought it wrong to pursue the prosecution. All of them help give shape to a definite style of evangelization which I ask you to adopt in every activity which you undertake. 253. This imbalance is the result of ideologies which defend the absolute autonomy of the marketplace and financial speculation. He builds up the communion and harmony of the people of God. This principle, drawn from the Gospel, reminds us that Christ has made all things one in himself: heaven and earth, God and man, time and eternity, flesh and spirit, person and society. However, secret tape recordings of the two men’s conversations, made at the request of the FBI, revealed no such confession, and Manning vehemently denied confessing. The great men and women of God were great intercessors. What is real gives way to appearances. Watch “Barred From Life’s” interview with Delbert Tibbs. He is being temporarily detained pending another matter in a different state (Associated Press, May 18, 1999). Post-conviction investigation found that the neighbor who was caring for Richardson’s children had a prior homicide conviction, and the defense provided affidavits from people to whom he had confessed. (Phone conversation with now Magistrate-Judge James Larson, October 6, 2003, who represented Graham). 261. Federal District Judge Kenneth Hoyt ruled on Nov. 15, 1994 that Guerra should either be retried in 30 days or released, stating that the actions of the police and prosecutors in this case were “outrageous,” “intentional” and “done in bad faith.” He further said that their misconduct “was designed and calculated to obtain … another ‘notch in their guns.’” (Guerra v. Collins, 916 F. Supp. Along with the virtues, this means above all the new commandment, the first and the greatest of the commandments, and the one that best identifies us as Christ’s disciples: “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you” (Jn 15:12). 281. It is the approach of a missionary disciple, an approach “nourished by the light and strength of the Holy Spirit”.[53]. Prosecutors nevertheless suppressed the records, jailed Brown’s girlfriend, and continued to prosecute him. In this way, we can take up, amid our daily efforts, the biblical exhortation: “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say: Rejoice” (Phil 4:4). A 2015 study documented pattern of racially biased jury selection by prosecutors in Caddo Parish, and data from 22 felony trials prosecuted by Cox showed he had struck black jurors at a rate 2.7 times higher than other jurors. In this regard, several sayings of Saint Paul will not surprise us: “The love of Christ urges us on” (2 Cor 5:14); “Woe to me if I do not proclaim the Gospel” (1 Cor 9:16). Instead, it is something I cannot uproot from my being without destroying my very self. He was acquitted at a retrial in April, 1993. Yet there is no greater freedom than that of allowing oneself to be guided by the Holy Spirit, renouncing the attempt to plan and control everything to the last detail, and instead letting him enlighten, guide and direct us, leading us wherever he wills. The charges against Ferber were dropped prior to the retrial when evidence surfaced that the conviction was based on the perjured testimony of a jail-house informant, exculpatory evidence was not disclosed to the defense, and an eyewitness to the crime was positive that Ferber was not the man she saw. Moved by his example, we want to enter fully into the fabric of society, sharing the lives of all, listening to their concerns, helping them materially and spiritually in their needs, rejoicing with those who rejoice, weeping with those who weep; arm in arm with others, we are committed to building a new world. The court held that Minnitt’s 1999 retrial should have been barred by double jeopardy because during his “1993 and 1997 trials the prosecutor engaged in extreme misconduct that he knew was grossly improper and highly prejudicial, both as to the defendant and to the integrity of the system.” The court found that prosecutor Kenneth Peasley, who was subsequently disbarred, had purposefully elicited false witness testimony. With newly discovered confessions and DNA evidence pointing to the prosecution’s chief witness as the actual killer, Seminole County, Florida prosecutors dropped all charges against Honduran national Clemente Javier Aguirre. In many places an administrative approach prevails over a pastoral approach, as does a concentration on administering the sacraments apart from other forms of evangelization. It was felt by the first converts who marvelled to hear the apostles preaching “in the native language of each” (Acts 2:6) on the day of Pentecost. The Court stated that the probative value of the photos was substantially outweighed by the danger of unfair prejudice. Where your synthesis is, there lies your heart. In this perspective, ecumenism can be seen as a contribution to the unity of the human family. She later recanted her entire testimony, saying the police had forced her to lie. There wasn’t nobody but them.”. [178] Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, Pastoral Letter What is Happening to our Beautiful Land? The DNA analysis did not test for the presence of the victim’s daughter, whom police did not investigate. 70. However dark things are, goodness always re-emerges and spreads. The reservation of the priesthood to males, as a sign of Christ the Spouse who gives himself in the Eucharist, is not a question open to discussion, but it can prove especially divisive if sacramental power is too closely identified with power in general. Changing structures without generating new convictions and attitudes will only ensure that those same structures will become, sooner or later, corrupt, oppressive and ineffectual. He takes us from the midst of his people and he sends us to his people; without this sense of belonging we cannot understand our deepest identity. He dwells among them, fostering solidarity, fraternity, and the desire for goodness, truth and justice. The bishop must always foster this missionary communion in his diocesan Church, following the ideal of the first Christian communities, in which the believers were of one heart and one soul (cf. Read “Freed From Death Row,” by Sydney Freedberg in The St. Petersburg Times, Georgia Conviction: 1980, Acquitted: 1987. Armed with new evidence, and a new attorney, Clemmons filed a federal appeal with the same federal court that had previously rejected his appeal. Social dialogue as a contribution to peace [238-258], Dialogue between faith, reason and science [242-243] Ecumenical dialogue [244-246] Relations with Judaism [247-249] Interreligious dialogue [250-254] Social dialogue in a context of religious freedom [255-258], I. Let us remember that “the obvious importance of the content of evangelization must not overshadow the importance of its ways and means”. 133. Joe Reid, 15, a friend who testified he had seen Osborne break into the couple’s home and later come out with a pocketful of cash, drowned several months before Osborne’s trial. Let us recover and deepen our enthusiasm, that “delightful and comforting joy of evangelizing, even when it is in tears that we must sow… And may the world of our time, which is searching, sometimes with anguish, sometimes with hope, be enabled to receive the good news not from evangelizers who are dejected, discouraged, impatient or anxious, but from ministers of the Gospel whose lives glow with fervour, who have first received the joy of Christ”.[6]. [81] This principle of the primacy of grace must be a beacon which constantly illuminates our reflections on evangelization. [56] On occasion these may take the form of veritable attacks on religious freedom or new persecutions directed against Christians; in some countries these have reached alarming levels of hatred and violence. Each meaningful economic decision made in one part of the world has repercussions everywhere else; consequently, no government can act without regard for shared responsibility. Ex 3:17). He was released when evidence was found that substantiated his alibi. At other times, he will simply be in their midst with his unassuming and merciful presence. This fact has been brought up by bishops from various continents in different Synods. Inequality eventually engenders a violence which recourse to arms cannot and never will be able to resolve. Our relationship with the followers of Islam has taken on great importance, since they are now significantly present in many traditionally Christian countries, where they can freely worship and become fully a part of society. 1, ad 3. 280. To go out of ourselves and to join others is healthy for us. We need to grow in a solidarity which “would allow all peoples to become the artisans of their destiny”,[156] since “every person is called to self-fulfilment”. On the cross, when Jesus endured in his own flesh the dramatic encounter of the sin of the world and God’s mercy, he could feel at his feet the consoling presence of his mother and his friend. The parable of the weeds among the wheat (cf. 282. Christopher McCrimmon was convicted and sentenced to death for a triple murder that occurred in Tucson’s El Grande Market in 1992. [184] Comité Permanent De La Conférence Épiscopale Nationale Du Congo, Message sur la situation sécuritaire dans le pays (5 December 2012), 11. The earth is our common home and all of us are brothers and sisters. 223. Georgia Conviction: 1975, Charges Dismissed: 1978. The federal court originally allowed the state to re-prosecute him, but just before trial the state revealed the existence of even more important evidence and requested further delay. Among the vulnerable for whom the Church wishes to care with particular love and concern are unborn children, the most defenceless and innocent among us. He ordered the state to either free Willis or retry him. The prosecution, police, and a prosecution forensic analyst told the jury that Johnson had shot the victim, Walter Smith, at such close range that Smith’s blood spattered onto a red baseball cap Johnson was wearing that supposedly had been recovered at the murder scene. Quick was accused of shooting the two men in the presence of a female acquaintance, and then picking up his friend, Jason Beninati. On that beloved continent, where many Christians express their faith through popular piety, the bishops also refer to it as “popular spirituality” or “the people’s mysticism”. (Additional research from Maurice Possley.). Kyles’s third trial ended in October 1996 when the jury deadlocked. A preacher may be able to hold the attention of his listeners for a whole hour, but in this case his words become more important than the celebration of faith. In dropping the charges against Crawford, James Stewart, who was elected Caddo Parish District Attorney in 2015, said, “New evidence presented after the trial raised questions about the degree of pneumonia together with bacteria in the child’s blood indicative of sepsis” required reconsideration of the charges against Crawford. At trial, the evidence against Hobley consisted of the testimony of Andre Council, a suspected arsonist who claimed to have seen Hobley buying gasoline before the fire, and a gas station attendant who could not identify Hobley in a lineup and could only state that Hobley “favored” the man who purchased the gasoline. Adams was convicted of killing a Dallas Police officer and sentenced to death. Timothy Howard was released from prison on April 23, 2003 when Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Michael H. Watson overturned his conviction citing evidence not disclosed or available during the 1977 trial. [7] Or as Saint Irenaeus writes: “By his coming, Christ brought with him all newness”. A few examples will suffice. Crim. Charges were dropped after the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the prosecution had knowingly allowed false testimony to be introduced at trial. Adams case is the subject of the movie, The Thin Blue Line. No other person in the line-up was similarly dressed. at 338). The concept of culture is valuable for grasping the various expressions of the Christian life present in God’s people. Let us peer for a moment into the heart of Saint Paul, to see what his prayer was like. Read “A Broken System: Gary Gauger,” by The Justice Project, California Conviction: 1982, Charges Dismissed: 1996. On May 11, 2017, the Florida Supreme Court directed that Ralph Daniel Wright, Jr.(pictured) be acquitted of the murder charges for which he had been sentenced to death in 2014. The court held that it was “the State’s intentional hiding of exculpatory evidence in the armed robbery case that led to [Thompson’s] improper conviction in that case and his subsequent decision not to testify in the instant case because of the improper conviction.” (Id.) In countries of Catholic tradition, this means encouraging, fostering and reinforcing a richness which already exists. As a consequence, masses of people find themselves excluded and marginalized: without work, without possibilities, without any means of escape. [73] The ministerial priesthood is one means employed by Jesus for the service of his people, yet our great dignity derives from baptism, which is accessible to all. Based on this new evidence, the trial court, affirmed by the Massachusetts supreme court, overturned the second conviction. The causes of this breakdown include: a lack of opportunity for dialogue in families, the influence of the communications media, a relativistic subjectivism, unbridled consumerism which feeds the market, lack of pastoral care among the poor, the failure of our institutions to be welcoming, and our difficulty in restoring a mystical adherence to the faith in a pluralistic religious landscape. A mere glance at the Scriptures is enough to make us see how our gracious Father wants to hear the cry of the poor: “I have observed the misery of my people who are in Egypt; I have heard their cry on account of their taskmasters. (People v. Cobb, 455 N.E.2d 31 (Ill. 1983) and Chicago Tribune, 1/21/87). 170. We need to be realistic and not assume that our audience understands the full background to what we are saying, or is capable of relating what we say to the very heart of the Gospel which gives it meaning, beauty and attractiveness. Mary is the woman of faith, who lives and advances in faith,[214] and “her exceptional pilgrimage of faith represents a constant point of reference for the Church”. The rise and growth of associations and movements mostly made up of young people can be seen as the work of the Holy Spirit, who blazes new trails to meet their expectations and their search for a deep spirituality and a more real sense of belonging. Here our model is not the sphere, which is no greater than its parts, where every point is equidistant from the centre, and there are no differences between them. SC03-1012, February 23, 2006). Although Webster was again convicted for Sutcliffe’s murder, the charges against Grannis were dismissed at retrial because of insufficient evidence. We can know quite well that our lives will be fruitful, without claiming to know how, or where, or when. A Philadelphia Common Pleas judge vacated his conviction and ordered a new trial (Pennsylvania v. Yarris, No 690-OF1982, Court of Common Pleas, Delaware County, September 3, 2003 [order vacating conviction]). However, prosecutors withheld valuable evidence that might have cleared Gell in the initial trial, including an audio tape of one of the girls saying she had to “make up a story” about the murder. Two other co-defendants, Andre Minnitt and Martin Soto-Fong, were also sentenced to death for the same crime. The Illinois Supreme Court upheld the overturning of his conviction on April 11, 1996. One who accompanies others has to realize that each person’s situation before God and their life in grace are mysteries which no one can fully know from without. Furthermore, neither the Pope nor the Church have a monopoly on the interpretation of social realities or the proposal of solutions to contemporary problems. But it does not mean that we can weaken the distinct and specific emphasis of a text which we are called to preach. See a list of all of the additional exonerations here. We are called to bear witness to a constantly new way of living together in fidelity to the Gospel.

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