Support from the Centre for Teaching and Learning (Zentrum für Lehren und Lernen, ZLL), E-Learning/Media (BITS), the Department for University Teaching and Studying (Dezernat SL), Occupational Health and Safety (AGUS), and Facility Management (Raumvergabe) has been expanded where possible. Exceptions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by Bielefeld University’s Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Protection Service (AGUS) as well as the Health Department of the City of Bielefeld and then approved by the chancellor of Bielefeld University. Further regulations concerning examinations will be announced shortly. During the times when you are present on campus, we again urge you to maintain social distancing, wear a face mask, observe hygiene rules, and register at work stations and in classrooms. This was announced yesterday by the Minister President at a press conference. Die Zahl der Corona-Infizierten im Haller Altenzentrum Eggeblick hat sich leider erheblich erhöht. ➔Information on the electronic submission of academic coursework and examination work. Prof. Dr-Ing Gerhard Sagerer                               Dr Stephan Becker Until 30 September 2020, courses will be held exclusively online or in the form of ‘distance learning’. In-person events and gatherings continue to be prohibited. They can also obtain advice from the Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection Department (AGUS; contact: The chairpersons at all internal working sessions, meetings and committee meetings should check whether the meeting is necessary. Therefore, Bielefeld University is taking further measures. The university management is very aware that many members of the university—not only you as students but also the teaching and administrative staff—are severely affected by the pandemic. You can still print out the NRW-Ticket yourself. Teaching will have to continue in a predominantly digital format. Please be patient and keep your distance. 8.00 - 16.30 Uhr, Fr. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for the great commitment you have shown in overcoming this crisis. We wish you a relaxing and restorative semester break. As was the case previously, on-site presence will be continue to be essential in certain areas. If this is not possible in individual cases, staff members will be on call. the lockdown for the Warendorf district ended yesterday, for the Gütersloh district it will be extended for another week, until 7 July 2020. In normal circumstances, this communication takes place casually, whether over a meal in the cafeteria or a coffee in the Uni-Halle, or walking together on the way to class. Rohland E (In Press) In: Die Corona-Gesellschaft. Liebe Lehrende, liebe Studierende, Bund und Länder haben am Sonntag (13.12.2020) für den Jahreswechsel den Lockdown beschlossen. In a number of cases, we are waiting for decisions by the national or state government. The authorities are acting here purely as a precautionary measure in order to exclude risks of further spread as far as possible. This allows employees to organize their working hours flexibly and, for example, arrange childcare better. A note for management staff: if an infection occurs, the public health department will perform contact tracing and may also contact the supervisor(s) of the infected individual. Another idea would be to reduce the number of in-person courses held. It is important to note that the university is obliged by the Corona Protection Ordinance of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia to collect data for tracing purposes. In exceptional cases, an individual risk assessment can be drawn up incoordination with AGUS, the university medical service and the responsible authorities (Detmold district government) and an exceptional permission to attend relevantonsite eventscan be granted (if no unacceptable hazard exists). Here is a short overview of the most important regulations pertaining to you: The Organizational Decree also contains supplemental, updated regulations in full detail, including those relating to teaching and examination activities, travel, risk groups, and what to do in the event of infection. We are now also closing the university buildings to the public. Essential information and rules for this semester are outlined below: Despite these selective reopenings, the situation at the university remains a challenge. The university faculties and responsible administrative units have been hard at work– and will continue their efforts – to plan and organize these hybrid learning offerings based on the guiding principles that were already sent to you ( Das ergab eine Untersuchung von Psychologinnen und Psychologen der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU) und der Universität Bielefeld. This is why we have already taken appropriate measures last week to protect high-risk groups and pregnant women. Einen Tag später, am Montag, 28. On the following pages you will find further information about Costs & Financial Support. If you have a positive COVID-19 test result, you must immediately inform your supervisor and send an email notifying the university of your positive test result to (zusammen mit Virginia Garcia-Acosta) "Disasters", in: Rethinking the Americas: The Routledge Handbook on Political Economy and Governance in the Americas, vol. On April 7, the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia announced that the 2020 summer semester will initially begin as an ‘online semester’ from April 20. Important: Only books that are not available electronically can be borrowed. For theses, an email with a digital file of the final thesis (which matches the printed version) must be sent to the responsible examination office as well as to the examiners. Please find attached to this email the key points for the planning of the upcoming winter semester (in German), which have been developed and discussed in various committees with the participation of instructors, the deans of studies, and student representatives (LeKo, Senate, deans of studies, and the “Winter semester” work group), as well as additional information for first semester courses. At present, these municipal regulations do not directly impact Bielefeld University’s planning and operations. What about my exams? Stellungnahme des AStA der Uni Bielefeld zum Umgang der Hochschule mit der Covid-19 Pandemie. The start of the winter semester 2020/21 has been set as November 1, 2020 for newly enrolled students. During this time the work is done from the home office. eKVV News Corona-Registrierungen im Präsenzveranstaltungen - Wie geht das? One new measure that has been implemented, effective immediately, is the requirement to wear a face mask when attending in-person courses and examinations. Despite the lack of face-to-face teaching during the semester, students should be able to acquire credit points on a regular basis. Rector                                                                       Chancellor. On-campus presence must be reduced to a minimum. Even if this cannot always be realized in full, our efforts should be directed towards replacing internships, experiments, field trips, or visits to the archives with equivalent, contact-free arrangements wherever possible. Depending on the regulations in force at the time, we shall try to provide rooms with Internet access at the university. The University Library remains open in reduced basic operation mode. We assume that it will not be possible for you to attend the university in person during the summer semester. We are calling upon you to do your part. The Ministry of Culture and Science, in consultation with the State Rectors’ Conferences, has now also decided to start the 2020 summer semester as a purely ‘online semester’. At the same time, however, we now know more about the Coronavirus and based on this knowledge, we can now begin selectively reopening parts of the university. (The Organizational Decree in english language will be handed in later and will be available on the website). However studying and learning is not permitted in the library at present. We have already been responding to the crisis systematically since the end of January and have successively modified and scaled back our operations. In addition to this, our assessments indicate the expected number of students present on campus to be tenable. As a university, we see ourselves as having a responsibility towards these colleagues and students, and this also applies to the agreed scope of teaching assignments and employment contracts. Die Ärztekammer Westfalen-Lippe fordert die Landesregierung auf, an der neuen medizinischen Fakultät der Uni Bielefeld für fünf Jahre eine Stiftungsprofessur einzurichten. Funds for additional auxiliary staff will be available. Today we would like to provide you with information about with the current rules and regulations for the 2020/2021 Winter Semester. Here we explain, At present, the most important information about the "digital summer semester" is currently being sent out by email. What is the current position on the extension of child benefit? All lecturer and assistant contracts will be made as planned. We can all be proud of how our university community has responded to provide effective teaching during these difficult times, thus ensuring that thousands of students can carry on with their studies. Studierendenwerk Bielefeld A.ö.R. Only if everyone follows the rules will we be able to continue opening up the university. digital tools) even under these difficult conditions. Can deadlines be adjusted for parents who are students and still have to look after their children at home in the coming weeks? We will keep you updated on all further measures and regulations. Sparrenburg Castle Sparrenburg Castle is Bielefeld’s most popular landmark and is always worth visiting. We will continue to keep you informed – promptly and transparently – of new developments. On May 12, 2020, on the basis of the Corona Epidemic Higher Education Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Rectorate issued the, The State Ministry of Culture and Science has responded to the request of the universities and agreed to postpone the, The summer semester remains (almost exclusively) an. As you know, Bielefeld University has been in reduced basic operation mode since 23 March 2020 and is closed to the public. In the coming weeks, a new Organizational Decree will be issued that brings together the current regulations in place at Bielefeld University. Making new plans on short notice entails, unfortunately, additional work for you. The ZiF is Bielefeld University's Institute for Advanced Study and fosters outstanding and innovative interdisciplinary research projects. All service units of the university can now be reached only by email or telephone. The hygiene and safety measures that were developed for in-person instruction as well as presence-based examinations have already proven to be effective in the past weeks, and these also meet the demands of the current situation. Access forms can be downloaded here: For you, nothing will change for the time being. Die Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS) vergibt jährlich “Start-up-Stipendien” an Masterabsolventinnen und -absolventen aus dem Ausland, die eine Promotion in Bielefeld anstreben. The main entrance to the main building and the entrance to building X at the security control centre are open. We wish you all the best as you embark your studies. The University must therefore be able to provide information on short notice to public health authorities about who was present or nearby at the same time as the infected person. final examination in a Master's programme, oral examination for a doctoral degree, last examination before the transition to “Referendariat”). How do I retain my student status with my health insurance provider if I have lost my job due to the Coronavirus crisis and therefore can no longer pay my health insurance contribution? Mit diesen Portionen soll die Aufbereitung und die Verimpfung getestet werden. Your lecturers are planning to deliver their courses in distance learning formats for the coming summer semester, and they will offer alternative forms for taking examinations. The privacy policy can be found here: The team will now meet regularly and is composed of representatives of the different organizational units and functions of the university. It has been agreed with the public transport companies that the semester ticket can be replaced by presenting the NRW ticket and a personal ID/passport. Please contact Thorsten before starting new experiments and get an introduction to desinfection. We invite you to submit questions in advance. On-site events should be resumed as soon as safely possible; perhaps later in the semester, but perhaps not until winter or later. We are faced with an extreme situation that none of us have ever experienced before. It acts as a focal point for academics who enjoy the profound exchange regarding Data Science and the new challenges, ideas, and solutions in that field. Guests and employees from external companies no longer need to register at the entrance areas. This number is stored on the device with a time stamp and transferred once a day to a password-protected directory. At this point, we also wish to point out that the planned awarding of temporary lectureships [Lehraufträge] will continue as before along with employment contracts with student and research assistants—even if it is foreseeable that the work will not be performable in the usual way during the summer semester. Nonetheless, one thing is important: children are not allowed to come to the university. Quarantäne. Only if everyone follows the rules will we be able to continue opening up the university. In this sense, we can use the coming weeks as an investment in the future. Presence-based instruction will generally remain possible within the specified guidelines. The situation will be particularly challenging for first-semester students, and this is where we need your help. The reasons for this are as varied as the measures must be to alleviate it. nur Donnerstags 09.30 Uhr - 10.30 Uhr Der Barkassenschalter befindet sich links neben dem Infopunkt Instead, alongside livestream services such as Zoom chats or Panopto recordings, it is also possible for students to use different work formats either individually or in small groups. Please follow these regulations and act with due responsibility during this difficult time. As a basis for helping you plan your teaching during the Corona pandemic, a position paper was created in order to provide the faculties with a unified framework. We assume that teaching will continue to take place predominantly in the form of online and ‘distance learning’ courses. In addition to the scanners for the UniCard, there are now QR codes at the entrances, which can also be used for registration. During the times when you are present on campus, we again urge you to maintain social distancing, wear a face mask and observe hygiene rules. Es wurden mehrere Fälle in Bielefeld bestätigt. Depending on how the pandemic develops, it cannot be ruled out that changes to these policies might have to be made. The same applies to BAföG and child benefit entitlements. The Studierendenwerk has closed the university canteen (Mensa) and the cafeterias. On April 7, the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia announced that the 2020 summer semester will initially begin as an ‘online semester’ from April 20. Where this is not possible under the given conditions, courses will be postponed until the semester break or the following semester. Your university aims to offer you a summer semester that is as full and adequate as possible starting April 20, 2020. The regulations currently in place are available here: Naturally, your contact persons in the faculties, in the Student Secretariat, and in the Central Student Advisory Office are available to advise you. Dear ladies and gentlemen, Dear colleagues. More specific information on contact tracking will be available in the next organisational decree. We are calling upon all members of the university community to do their part. Public access to service facilities is not permitted. Bielefeld University is taking these precautionary measures to protect all persons at the university. We are not yet able to responsibly manage large groups of people in our buildings due to the particular physical constraints of university facilities. It is a challenging task for all involved. These data will then be processed by only a very small circle of authorized persons and solely for the purpose of tracking. However, I can assure you that with regard to anything we can regulate ourselves, we shall do everything in our power to be exceptionally fair. It is possible to borrow media that are indispensable for individual research activities or for studies provided these are not available in electronic form. Fehler gefunden? The updated organizational decision can be found here. Teaching during the summer semester. The end of the lecture period will still be 17 July. Analysen zur Lage und Perspektiven für die Zukunft. The following rules and regulations are currently in place: Depending on how the pandemic develops, it cannot be ruled out that adjustments to these policies might have to be made. After great deliberation, we have come to the decision that, for the time being, our planning for the 2020/2021 Winter Semester will not change. With these documents, we are also responding to reports from various parties that members of this university community are experiencing significant overload. Leonie Urbanczyk hat gecheckt, was auch in diesen Zeiten Bielefeld für Euch zu Liebefeld macht und … The date of the certificate is determined by the date of application (for BA and academic Master programmes) and by the date of the last examination or course work (Master of Education). Many of you have already done this. Please take the time to read the new Organizational Decree, which is available here. Continuing to manage all upcoming tasks to at least the same level, if not even above and beyond, obviously also leads to (self-)overloading on a large scale. We want to emphasize this important point: The goal behind all of our planning has been to enable you to study within the constraints of Corona pandemic. We also ask that you leave the area if the number of available workspaces are all occupied. We know that many members of our university community yearn for more “normalcy.” The situation, however, remains precarious, as evidenced by the “Tönnies” case, where an outbreak recently sickened over 700 workers at a meat-packing plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Die Universität Bielefeld stellt ab dem 16.12.2020 bis zunächst zum 10.Januar 2021 den Präsenzbetrieb für Studium und Lehre ein.Damit sind die Universitätsgebäude auch für Publikumsverkehr geschlossen. The coronavirus pandemic continues to severely restrict normal teaching and studying routines despite the initial easing of restrictions. The ZiF is an independent thematically open research institution and is open to scholars from all disciplines and all countries. If you have any further questions or problems, please contact the Department for Personnel and Organisation. Academics should not work on campus unless absolutely necessary. We hope that despite the distance and the reduction in personal contacts, we shall move closer together and that our university will be even stronger when we survive the crisis. Furthermore, it is compulsory to wear a mouth-and-nose covering in all public areas of the university. Starting in September, service units on site will at times be open to students. On 26 February – in response to first cases in NRW and a worsening international situation – the Chancellor Dr Stephan Becker set up a team to review the situation at the university. We ask for your understanding when services cannot be provided in the usual form. We must all make sacrifices to protect the weakest members of our society. The data privacy policy and building access form can be downloaded here at If you have signed up for a course that you no longer can or want to attend, then please make sure to cancel your registration with the respective instructor or deregister in eKVV. Bielefeld is the economic and cultural heart of Eastern Westphalia and, with almost 330.000 inhabitants, one of Germany’s twenty largest cities. Apply online Always use our online portal My assist for your applications. On behalf of the university, we wish to thank these colleagues for their cooperation and dedication. For all researchers who do not fall into the above-mentioned groups, we ask all workplaces to check how far academics can carry out their tasks from home and then to please coordinate their assessments with the deans of their faculties. We have already been responding to the crisis systematically since the end of January and have successively modified and scaled back our operations. The State Rectors’ Conference has advocated for this strongly, and we assume that we shall soon receive a corresponding decision from the state and the federal government. However, following our appeal of 22 October, we assume that hardly any courses will be held onsite that cannot also be conducted digitally. Superiors are requested to make appropriate plans. Prof. Dr Birgit Lütje-Klose, Vice-rector for Studies and Teaching. This also applies to scientific conferences and similar events in attendance. Exceptions for teaching and examinations are possible; these are to be conducted following the hygiene guidelines that also remain in force. The German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) and the State Rectors’ Conferences are trying to reach an agreement with the federal government on the extension of BAföG, child benefit and health insurance. In December 2019, respiratory diseases caused by a previously unknown virus (coronavirus) first appeared in China. If it is not possible to perform work from home, the supervisor must first check whether the employee concerned can be temporarily assigned another suitable task. Extensive information on the wide range of possibilities and advisory services is available here: and https://www.uni-​ Kontakt im Adressbuch speichern. Neuanmeldung in Bielefeld kurzzeitig auch in der Universität möglich. sind auch im Bildungsbereich weitreichende Einschränkungen zu erkennen. We also want to ensure that necessary research activities can take place on site. I am very much aware that the current situation is very difficult for you. The regulations currently in place are available here: In particular, we have to comply with the new legal requirements of the state and federal government. Those who do not register cannot enter the university. 1 BAföG. According to the regulations of the NRW State Ministry of Labour, Health, and Social Affairs, oral and written examinations that are not possible online may also be held onsite. Changes might also have to be made in order to accommodate the special circumstances of instructors and/or students. The current plan is to make interest-free loans as a bridging aid. In addition to this, possibilities for splitting required courses at the expense of electives in the teaching portfolio or employing additional instructors were introduced. Die Universität Bielefeld schließt bis zum 10. An unusual and challenging semester is now behind us. Stay healthy. Therefore do not travel to the defined risk areas. Social interaction is still subject to a high degree of uncertainty, especially in view of the rising number of COVID-19 cases. We now need to try them out and see what forms they can take. Access forms can be downloaded here. Further digital solutions for larger examination cohorts are currently being examined. The university library is also expanding its services. The state government has postponed the start of the semester, cancelled attendance courses and examinations, and is allowing oral examinations only in cases of hardship. Research for Bachelor’s/Master’s theses or other research projects in laboratory working groups can be conducted on site. Until further notice, a face mask must now be worn while attending courses, with few exceptions. ), a protective mask covering your nose and mouth must be worn. Reduced opening hours of the Bielefeld University Library, The Bielefeld University Library has the following opening hours from Friday, 20 March 2020 until further notice: Bielefeld: Uni beteiligt sich an Projekt zum Stillverhalten von Müttern Jetzt live: Robert Koch-Institut informiert über die aktuelle Corona-Lage in Deutschland Start am 1. These workspaces are located in the Main University Building (Hauptgebäude), where in the Gallery (floors 1 and 2) of the University Hall (Unihalle), a total of 236 work spaces have been reconfigured to allow for 1.5 meters of distancing from neighbors, thus making them suitable for use. Am I still entitled to BAföG if I am unable to provide the required academic certificates because the exams have been cancelled? Looking after children at home is recognised as. We want to emphasize this important point: The goal behind all of our planning has been to enable our community to study and teach within the constraints of Corona pandemic. The same also applies for workspaces in 5 seminar rooms in the Main University Building and Building X, including: You do not have to register in advance to use the workspaces. In recent days, we have informed you regularly about developments and provided information on study courses and teaching during the Corona crisis on our homepage at Bielefeld University is following their lead, and we urge everyone to follow the government’s guiding principle of “Let’s Stay at Home.”. What is important is that the measures contribute to acquiring the competencies specified in the module. allocating these to external persons or colleagues with no/low teaching load) in order to have smaller courses with reduced supervision and grading work.

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