A worried Anders starts digging into Adam's dark past. On the airplane home, Fallon learned that Adam didn't choose to leave the hospital in Montana he was forced out for patient abuse. Blake and Cristal's plot for his trial hits a snag when Jeff gets suspicious. Cristal and Blake's new roomie makes problems and green juice. Following an investigation and hostage negotiation, the kidnapper sent Blake and Alexis one of Adam's fingers to prove his intent. After coming to blows over business with her stepmother to be, an ever-ambitious Fallon sets her sights on her father's biggest rival. In the wake of the robbery, Cristal lures Blake away for a weekend in the woods. In the flashback, Adam was with Theresa who drank a smoothie that he brought her. He threw a beer bottle against the wall and she cowered in fear. He can go from being calm to unstable in a matter of seconds, as seen when he killed his adoptive mother for lying to him about his birth family. Serie Netflix Fallon Carrington Adam Ridley Couple Dinastia Adam Huber Elizabeth Gillies. He explained that he wasn't looking for a payout and had a happy life that he planned to return too. Blake throws a lavish party to toast his son's return. Steven was admitted to a psychiatric facility after he was found by Fallon and Sam after the trio were lead to believe Steven was going to commit suicide. Culhane goes on a dangerous assignment. The line between justice and revenge blurs when a devastated family uses social media to track down the people who killed 24-year-old Crystal Theobald. Blake's trial takes a stunning turn when a surprise witness takes the stand. When he was stumbling near the steps Nadia tried to help him and he accidentally hit her. Jetzt Episode 5 Staffel 3 von Der Denver-Clan & weitere Folgen komplett in bester HD Qualität online als Stream. Blake gave him a rundown of everyone's history and greatest hits, which he hoped didn't scare Adam away. While Alexis sets the stage for her next move, Fallon and Cristal forge a surprising partnership, and Anders helps Sammy Jo plan the perfect wedding. Back in entrepreneur mode, Fallon considers a pitch from Dominique. Servicetweet: Die Folgen von Denver Clan Staffel 3 werden diesmal nicht wöchentlich erscheinen, sondern die Folgen kommen im nächsten Jahr alle auf einmal. First Appearance Anders asked where he got the rattle, and Adam explained that he got it from the woman who pretended to be his mother. Based on Harlan Coben's novel. By clicking accept, you accept the use of all cookies and your information for the purposes mentioned above. Üblicherweise sind die neuen Folgen immer im Oktober in den USA gestartet. Adam Alexander Carrington, M.D. She suffered from intense pain in her middle age and became an opioid addict. ραทicατ∂rαgσทs ... Der Denver Clan. A changed Adam starts a new chapter while Fallon makes her own big move. Dynasty Denver-Clan Netflix Sendestart Staffel 3 | die neue Alexis und die neue Krystle. Fallon and Sam believed that Steven's "friend" and Paris-co ed was a figment of Steven's imagination. 100% Kostenlos Online 3000+ Serien With his relationship with Steven on shaky ground, Sam works toward self-improvement. She was afraid of going to prison so she raised Adam on her own. Blinded by love, Adam plays into one of Fallon's devious plots. It's a very Carrington Christmas as Blake and Fallon butt heads over the best way to handle a kidnapping, and Cristal suspects Alexis of hiding secrets. Meanwhile, Cristal's got big news -- but she's reluctant to share it with Blake. He expressed his surprise that she was his little sister, and he always wanted a big family and siblings - he never cared about the ones who had money. ("My Hangover's Arrived") As an adult, he went to medical school and became a physician. Sam divulged that Steven was in Paraguay, which Adam pretended to be saddened about as he wanted to meet his brother. Even so, it is still unknown how or when they broke up. Adam then promised that he was going to take everything that was supposed to be his. An estranged Carrington claws her way back home after an 11-year absence, shaking up the family estate and sending Blake into a vengeful rage. The reason he didn't come forward sooner was out of fear that his mother would be arrested, however, she had passed away. Netflix unterstützt die Prinzipien der Digital Advertising Alliance. While with Steven, Adam found out that Alexis had previously sent Steven on a mission to find the long-lost Adam Carrington. Blake and Cristal are closer than ever -- until a surprise houseguest shakes their foundation. Forget calm and bright. Best Tv Couples. It's Fallon versus Alexis -- with a conflicted Steven caught in the middle. Ten years ago, he lost two loved ones. A devastating loss moves Blake to take matters into his own hands. Family “Denver Clan”: Wann startet Staffel 4? Seit 7. Blake makes a risky gamble with his trial's new witness before Fallon tricks Cristal into a big reveal. She explained that her ex-boyfriend kidnapped him but couldn't handle the crying baby, so she took him and ran. In Don't Con A Con Artist, Steven found out about Adam and the kidnapping. Die dritte Staffel von „Der Denver-Clan“ startet schon am Samstag, den 23. Parisian Legend Has It... Amalie and Mikael lead their street dance team to the finals in France but tough competition and personal distractions threaten to ruin their dreams. The Carringtons and the Colbys feud for control over their fortune -- and their children -- in this updated reboot of the classic prime-time soap. Im Unterschied zum Original ist Steven Carrington jetzt schwul und Vater Blake hat kein Problem mehr damit. In one of their conversations, Steven told Adam about the time Alexis sent him to El Paso to find Adam as that was the last place "Adam" had been seen. Sam explained that Steven would be the best brother but Fallon inserted that they didn't have to answer any of the questions yet. Alexis and Fallon were both apprehensive so Blake decided on a DNA test to prove it to everyone. When she leaned down to the fireplace to burn it, he thrust her into it and held her head in the fire while she screamed. Adam's relationship with Kirby Anders was originally on an acquaintance level. Jeff rethinks his deal with Alexis. Dynasty Clothing. As time went on, it became evident that Steven divulged personal information to George. Allerdings wusste zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch niemand, dass die Corona-Pandemie die ganze Welt lahmlegen würde. She then called out for Anders or security and Adam insisted she didn't have to call security - he just wanted to talk to his father, Blake. He pointed out that the lack of hospitality stemmed from a string of misfits, strays, murderers, a kidnapping nanny, and a faux guru. Fallon goes after a big contract, and Steven works to clear his name. Adam's daddy issues take a turn. He apologized for it and explained that Hank was a fraud and one of the reasons he decided to come forward. Culhane and Cristal team up to solve a business problem. He is confident despite relying on others for self-gratification. Steven steps in to help Sammy Jo, and Jeff declares war. This prompted Fallon to eventually tell the truth about Steven's recent admittance to a psychiatric facility in France. Geplant war, dass die neue Staffel “Denver Clan” schon im Oktober in Amerika laufen sollte. He also pointed out that Hank didn't know half of the information that surrounded the case while Adam did, which made Blake believe that Hank faked his DNA test. The doctors were unsure if his vision would ever return, and would have to wait until the swelling and redness around his eyes went down. Kirby donned him, "Saint Adam" as he leaned away from the questionable deed he used to partake in. He has a problem with liars and sees himself as the one who has to punish them for it. She seemed to have a vendetta against his stepmother Cristal. Adam Alexander Carrington (Birth Name) Michael Gordon Harrison (Adoptive Name) George Emerson (Alias) A star is born when Alexis helps Fallon do damage control over some bad press. Fallon surmised that with Adam's life falling apart, he came to the golden Carrington gate in search of something better. A jilted Fallon tries to prove she's still got game. While he was initially apprehensive about the idea and refused help, he came around after he accidentally hit Nadia after she tried to get him to use a cane. The war for Eternia begins again in what may be the final battle between He-Man and Skeletor. A psychic comes to dinner with unsettling news. Fallon's bachelorette party brings all kinds of headaches. Blake and Cristal's sins jeopardize their marriage. Fallon explained Steven was a private person and wouldn't want Adam to visit. When his medical practice found out they revoked his license, which led him to become a veterinarian. He claimed Steven walked away from the perfect life and having everything handed to him by Blake, and reveals that he is Adam Carrington and returns home to claim everything his . Fallon interrupted and asked Anders for a moment alone with Adam and he obliged. Blake invited him to stay, which Adam said would be his honor. Sam has a crisis of conscience when he learns about his hotel's unsettling history. In Shoot From the Hip, they kept their budding relationship a secret from the Carrington family at Thanksgiving. Anders showed Adam to one of the guest rooms where he promised the staff would have his things in the room shortly. Montana Physician (Formerly)Veterinarian (Formerly)President of the Carrington FoundationOwner of Ruddington Vineyards (Formerly; sold) Board Member at Atlanta General[1]Attending Physician at Atlanta General[2]COO of Carrington Atlantic, Tom Carrington † (Paternal Grandfather) Ellen Carrington (Paternal Grandmother) Blake Carrington (Father) Alexis Carrington Colby (Mother) Celia Machado † (Stepmother)Cristal Flores (Stepmother)Steven Carrington (Younger Half-Brother) Fallon Carrington (Younger Sister) Benjamin Carrington (Paternal Uncle; disowned) Dominique Deveraux (Paternal Aunt) Juliette Carrington (Paternal Cousin) Jeff Colby (Paternal Cousin/Stepfather) Monica Colby (Paternal Cousin) Theresa Harrison † (Adoptive Mother), Steven Carrington Alexis Carrington (Formerly) Fallon CarringtonJeff ColbyLiam RidleyCristal CarringtonJoseph AndersBlake Carrington. She offered money to leave which he denied so she upped the amount to ten-million. Ted's messy exit puts Steven in a compromising position. He used animal tranquilizers to relieve his mom's discomfort instead. Der Krimikomödie von und mit Adam Sandler und Jennifer Aniston knackte gleich einen Rekord. Aus diesem Grund verbündet sich Fallon mit Blakes Erzfeind Jeff Colby. As part of his "game", Adam convinced Fallon and Sam that Steven was losing the plot by making them believe that George was fake and that Steven was attempting to hang himself. Cristal is shattered by a secret from Alexis. The suicide scene was also staged by Adam after he drugged Steven. Alexis tried to explain her reasons but all he wanted is a hug from his real mother. He called her a liar and monster, and she told him not to speak to her that way as she was his mother and called him Mikey. Blake informed her that Adam was her brother but she didn't care and confronted him about stealing narcotics from patients. Theresa's ex-boyfriend kidnapped Adam from the Carringtons when he was still an infant. He found it strange since he never visited Texas, and Alexis explained that the investigator fooled her. A new animated series from writer-director Kevin Smith. Fallon plows forward with her plans for the wedding of the century, complete with ornamental peacocks. Adam, a physician, prescribed painkillers for his patients without them knowing, and collected the prescription for his mother. She awkwardly said that they aren't and he stepped back but mentioned that they might be now. Die Kult-Soap ist zurück und mit ihm einer der ersten bisexuellen Protagonisten der US-Serien-Geschichte. Fallon refused to accept it, especially since Hank's DNA test was positive. The trials and tribulations of two feuding families, the Carringtons and the Colbys, both oil rich families in Denver, Colorado. Adam explained that the kidnapper stole a finger from the morgue and sent it to Blake and Alexis under the ruse it was Adam's. Jeff and Monica put their payback plan in motion, Sammy Jo stages a next-level girls’ night, and Steven preps for a political run. After an earth-shattering reveal at home, the Carringtons gather for quality time abroad -- quite unexpectedly. Steven also told Adam that he saw Hank's positive DNA results, which were faked. Sammy Jo comes face to face with a ghost from his past. He can be both playful and obsessive. He came to say goodnight and share his hope that she would accept him one day. An archivist hired to restore a collection of tapes finds himself reconstructing the work of a filmmaker and her investigation into a dangerous cult. He explained that it didn't scare him away he just wanted to find out where he came from. Created by Sallie Patrick, Stephanie Savage, Josh Schwartz. Liam's dream project flips the script for Fallon. Cristal caught Adam and Nadia holding hands under the table. Nadia is Adam's blindness coach after he lost his eyesight in an accident at the Manor. He angrily said that she wasn't his mother and not to call him Mikey. A talented teen implicated in a robbery-turned-murder fights for his innocence and integrity against a criminal justice system that’s already judged him. They formed a working relationship, with Nadia carrying out Adam's plans that he couldn't do himself due to his blindness. Der Denver-Clan (Originaltitel: Dynasty) ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie (19811989), die in der Stadt Denver im US-Bundesstaat Colorado spielt und den Kampf der fiktiven Ölfirmen Denver Carrington und Colbyco um die Vorherrschaft auf dem Markt sowie den erbitterten Rachefeldzug von Alexis Colby gegen ihren Ex-Ehemann Blake Carrington schildert. Fallon wanted to know more, such as the last place he worked, the last three cities he lived in, and Adam jokingly asked if she wanted to know the last four digits of his social security. Alexis refers to Adam as the worst of both her and Blake. Created by Esther Shapiro, Richard Alan Shapiro. Thanksgiving with the Carringtons is a full-scale affair with football, food -- and family drama. You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White, You Make Being a Priest Sound Like Something Bad, https://dynastytv.fandom.com/wiki/Adam_Carrington?oldid=34085. The Carringtons and the Colbys feud for control over their fortune -- and their children -- in this updated reboot of the classic prime-time soap. At Liam's bedside in the hospital, Fallon is stunned by a rude surprise. He believed she knew the truth but was scared of him for some reason and wanted to know what he had done wrong. He is portrayed by Sam Underwood. Alexis takes a sad Sam under her wing. Liam Ridley (real name Jack Louden) is a fictional character from The CW's 2017 series Dynasty, a reboot of the 1980s prime time soap opera of the same name.Portrayed by ... Serie Netflix Fallon Carrington Liam Ridley Couple Dinastia Adam Huber Elizabeth Gillies. Nachdem nun geklärt ist, dass es eine vierte Staffel “Dynasty” geben wird, ist nur noch die Frage: Wann? She is portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies. Staffel erst 2020 bei Netflix in Deutschland wurde von Adam Arndt am Montag, den 14. Jun 1, 2020 - In an effort to bring Kirby back, Fallon and Adam break out in song to one of the The Turtles classics. In Mother? Sammy Jo hustles to secure his status. He remarked that it was Carrington, which caused her to halt and look at him. ... Der Denver-Clan: Staffel 2 (Trailer) Der Denver-Clan (Trailer) ... der neuerdings wieder Single ist, stellt Adam der Welt die neue Alexis vor. Jeff's condition worsens. Sam's love life gets complicated. Full Name Fallon's fake house-hunting persona leads to real honesty with Liam. Tom Carrington † (Paternal Grandfather) Ellen Carrington (Paternal Grandmother) Blake Carrington (Father) Alexis Carrington Colby (Mother) Celia Machado † (Stepmother)Cristal Flores (Stepmother)Steven Carrington (Younger Half-Brother) Fallon Carrington (Younger Sister) Benjamin Carrington (Paternal Uncle; disowned) Dominique Deveraux (Paternal Aunt) Juliette Carrington (Paternal Cousin) Jeff Colby (Paternal Cousin/Stepfather) Monica Colby (Paternal Cousin) Theresa Harrison † (Adoptive Mother) He then mentioned that after his other mother died, he wanted to meet Steven so he went to Paraguay. Steven's ex-boyfriend returns to town. Anders confronts Cristal about her past. Fallon wird in Liams Liebesleben hineingezogen. Dynasty- der Denver Clan, Berlin. Sie ist ein Reboot der gleichnamigen Seifenoper, die in den 1980er-Jahren mit großem Erfolg bei ABC und in Deutschland bei ZDF lief. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. Two Three Adam volunteered to take a DNA test in front of them if that's what they needed to believe him. General information Suspicions swirl as Steven faces serious charges. As dark secrets come to light, the Carringtons must choose between protecting their family dynasty and preserving personal relationships. Liam’s mother makes a shocking announcement, and Jeff's health takes a turn for the worse. Sibling rivalry, startling secrets and shocking revelations keep the Carrington family drama on brand as the clan faces uncertainty on multiple fronts. He called her the heart of the family, the smartest, most driven, and the one who can think the farthest ahead. Sam Underwood Steven is put into a sanitarium in Paris, where Adam appears and reveals the more he got to know Steven, the more he resented him. Though never stated, Adam and Laura Van Kirk have possibly broken up. Over time, they began exclusively seeing one another, but have kept it a secret to avoid drama with the Carrington's or their friends. Adam insisted it wasn't his fault to which Blake said that Steven might be sympathetic and he should tell Steven his story next week. In Motherly Overprotectiveness, six months earlier in Billings Montana, Theresa watched an interview Alexis did where spoke directly to her son, Hank when Mikey entered the room. Unbeknownst to Adam, Nadia is working with his sister, Fallon, and accepting large sums of cash in exchange for a relationship with Adam. Both Sam and Alexis pointed out that Hank Sullivan was the real Adam, while Fallon focused on the fact he wasn't missing a finger. Kirby and Sam's partnership is tested. Der Denver-Clan ist eine Familiensaga aus dem Jahr 1981 von Esther Shapiro und Richard Shapiro mit John Forsythe und Linda Evans. Sam stresses his hotel opening, and Fallon mends her broken heart by getting back to business. The pair eventually admitted their feelings for one another and their relationship quickly blossomed into casual sex. Fallon gets to know the Van Kirks -- but the family tree is swarming with snakes. Cristal's forced to choose between Blake and her family. He also had his medical license revoked which forced him into a veterinary clinic where he could steal the drugs without the strict rules of regular medicine. Fallon insisted he leave but he refused, and the disturbance caused Alexis, Cristal, and Blake to come to the entryway. Fearful of her boyfriend's instability, Theresa took Adam and ran to Billings, Montana to raise him as her son, Mikey Harrison. It wasn't until Adam helped rescue Kirby from a synergy group that she began to notice him in a different light. Adam later interrupted Blake, Fallon, and Sam's discussion about Steven in his office. Now in the Carrington living room, Adam talked about the traumatic incidents that surrounded him finding out about his biological origins and that he wasn't really "Mikey Harrison". Rafael de … Fallon helps hide Cristal's affair. Kurz nach dem Finale wäre die Serie dann wiederum auf Netflix erschienen, wie zuvor auch. He initially rejected her as he didn't want his life to change. He took his survival as a sign that he is meant to do something more with his life. Following the incident, he finally allowed her to help him get used to his new disability. That afternoon, he had drinks with Fallon and Sam who prodded him for information. He wished he had like Fallon to protect him as he grew up and that he admired her. Elizabeth Gillies,Grant Show,Rafael De La Fuente, Sallie Patrick,Josh Schwartz,Stephanie Savage. She recommended coming back in a month, but he calmly retorted that he wasn't trying to scam them, nor was he going to leave as he traveled a long way. Jeff makes a move at Atlantix. A reluctant Fallon agrees to cover for her father, and Sam goes on a spending spree. He admitted to having spiked it with twice the lethal dose of tranquilizers. She had no reaction and merely walked into the manor and asked him his last name. Adam is the long-lost firstborn son of Blake and Alexis Carrington. Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Verwendung von Cookies und Informationen. Nadia slowly earned his trust by carrying out his plans. He painfully admitted to fueling his mother's drug addiction and eventual overdose. Elsewhere, Fallon pursues a passion project. A business deal gone wrong endangers Anders and Blake. Fallon and Sam flew to Billings, Montana, and went to Happy Tails animal clinic under the ruse of a married couple with a sick dog. Sammy Jo throws a blowout baby shower, and Kirby digs into her past. Adam comes clean about a dirty deed. Die Neuauflage orientiert sich im Wesentlichen an der Original-Serie, ergänzt die Figuren und Geschichten aber um moderne Themen. As he struggled to cope with his new disability, Blake and Cristal decided to hire an OCT nurse to help him adjust and cope. At dinner that night, Anders announced the results of the DNA test to Cristal, Blake, and Adam. He then became a veterinarian and uses animal tranquilizers to relieve his mom's discomfort instead. You can watch as much as you want, whenever you want without a single commercial – all for one low monthly price. In the present, Adam watched a catering van drive by him and used their clearance to get behind the Carrington gates. Adam asked her not to go there but she pressed on that he went to the vet clinic to steal more drugs because he is an addict. When she didn't respond he realized she was serious and explained he grew up in Billings, worked as a Vet at the Happy Tails clinic, took care of his ill mother, had no siblings until now, and mentioned he wanted to meet Steven. They embraced which triggered another flashback. ... Neuauflage bei Netflix Die Original-Stars von „Denver Clan“ damals & heute. She beckoned Sam to follow her as she left the table and a very satisfied Adam. Once in the hallway, he snuck into an authorized area. Dies führt zu weiteren Spannungen zwischen den Frauen. Adam arrangiert eine Explosion in einer Ölraffinerie in Carrington Atlantic. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fallon and Sam fly to Paris and make a sobering discovery. When the hug ended he kissed her and then said he hoped they were the type of family that kissed on the lips. Eine vierte Runde für “Der Denver Clan” ist schon beschlossene Sache. In the first season, Blake divulged to Sam that Adam lost one of his fingers because he received a severed finger from the kidnappers. “Denver Clan”, wurden einige Schauspieler befördert: Diese vier sind nun Teil des Hauptcasts. Fearful of her boyfriend's instability, Theresa took Adam and ran to Billings, Montana to raise him as her son, Mikey Harrison. In den 1980er drehte sich im Denver Clan alles um Geld, Macht und Intrigen. Montana Physician (Formerly)Veterinarian (Formerly)President of the Carrington FoundationOwner of Ruddington Vineyards (Formerly; sold) Board Member at Atlanta General[1]Attending Physician at Atlanta General[2]COO of Carrington Atlantic Enemies He told her to burn the proof of her crimes. At the DNA test, Blake explained that Hank having faked his test made him want to witness it for himself. Liam and Fallon get caught in a parent trap. He avoided the sexual advances of his boss, was willing to take responsibility for his actions, and attempted to make amends with those he wronged. Music — and leaking gas — are in the air at the manor for the winery event. He prescribed opioids to his patients without their knowledge and stealing them for himself. Vor wenigen Tagen feierte 'Murder Mystery' auf Netflix Premiere. A kinder, gentler Blake gives his scheming family members pause at Thanksgiving. Culhane does business on Fallon's behalf, and Blake gets to know the "new" Cristal. But he can't do it all alone. Januar 2020 steht fest: Es wird eine vierte Staffel der Soap Denver Clan auf Netflix geben. Michael can't tell the difference between the real and reality-show Vanessas. He hugged her which she awkwardly and half-heartedly returned. Liste der Besetung: Nathalie Kelley, Elizabeth Gillies, Brianna Brown u.v.m. They inquired about what happened and the woman explained that he left for Atlanta but everyone, including the animals, missed him. They asked about the "amazing" Dr. Mikey Harrison and the receptionist stated that Dr. Harrison didn't work there anymore. During the present day, Adam parked across the lake from the Carrington manor and stared at it. Laura Van Kirk (Ex-Girlfriend; Possibly) Nadia (Ex-Girlfriend)Kirby Anders (Girlfriend) Die Serien-Reboot-Welle ist jetzt auch im DENVER-CLAN angekommen. Fallon plans an epic birthday party with gold-plated everything -- down to the wait staff. That night, he visited Fallon's room to clear the air about everything that happened. 33 Fallon's full of surprises at the Carrington Cares fundraiser. (formerly, Michael Gordon Harrison, and, as an alias, George Emerson) is a main character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. He chastised her for his choice but told her he was going to follow his heart and forgive her. Fallon Morell Carrington is the female protagonist and lead heroine in the television series Dynasty on The CW. He even poisoned Jeff Colby and attempted to tamper evidence to assist in Blake's murder trial. He mentioned he didn't like his given name, "Mike "Mikey" Harrison" as it was too 80s. Steven wants to be honest with Sammy Jo but worries more bad news will break him. Adam reasoned with Blake which led Fallon to invite Adam to stay and help Blake cope with everything that happened. She offered him fifteen-million, but he reminded her that he had a DNA test appointment. Jeff and Monica's mother comes home, and Sam forces Anders to take a vacation. This triggered a flashback to after Theresa told him the truth about his identity. The Carringtons move from a wedding to a funeral, forcing Blake to confront painful emotions. While Steven was in Paraguay "figuring himself out," he met Adam, who was using the alias George Emerson, which he got from the book that influenced Steven the most, Room With A View. Wann kann es also mit neuen Folgen weitergehen? In the wake of a calamitous fire that set their family home ablaze, the Carringtons sift through the rubble to rebuild their dynasty -- and rise again. Denver Clan Netflix - Der Denver-Clan – Streams Diesmal will der Streamingdienst abwarten, ehe es neue Folgen gibt. After being slighted again by Blake, Adam was infuriated and gave up "Saint Adam" and turned back to his old ways of lying and deceit. Fallon's power struggle with her mother heats up when Alexis interferes with her love life. It was a silver baby rattle that Alexis, Anders, and Blake recognized. He also discovered that Alexis had purposely fed Steven with false leads and faked the DNA test of the person Steven found to be her missing son. Adam and Fallon's feuding triggers a major memory for Liam. Following an investigation and hostage negotiation, the kidnapper sent Blake and Alexis one of Adam's fingers to prove his intent. When Adams was six months old, he was mysteriously kidnapped from his nursery by the boyfriend of his then-nanny, Theresa. Steven and Sammy Jo's wedding attracts drama -- and uninvited guests. Noomi Rapace stars. He remarked on his mother's pain and stopped her from taking more pills, and soothed her as she groaned in pain. Elsewhere, Culhane and Cristal tend to a family crisis. Fallon's power play hits a wall when the Colbys show up with surprising news. Blake's troubles set off sneaky power plays between Cristal and Adam. The Carringtons clash over client gifts before the city's annual tree lighting. With John Forsythe, Linda Evans, Joan Collins, Gordon Thomson. Jetzt Episode 6 Staffel 3 von Der Denver-Clan & weitere Folgen komplett in bester HD Qualität online als Stream. Watch trailers & learn more. Adam was kidnapped from his nursery when he was six months old. He can be blind when it comes to relationships, especially his budding romance with Kirby Anders. With Steven in South America, Sammy Jo gets dangerously close to a member of the staff. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. When it was Blake's turn to have blood drawn, Adam excused himself under the guise that seeing other people have blood drawn made him woozy. Fallon informed him that any other day they would be open for scams but explained that Blake wasn't in the right mindset to deal with him. Blake, however, sided with Adam since the baby rattle was his mother's and he had a "gut feeling". Cristal and Blake celebrate new beginnings, leaving Alexis to indulge in some master manipulation. He noted their similarities and that they are siblings and two of a kind before he left. When his fiancée disappears, he must uncover buried secrets — or lose everything. 1987 Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles. Netflix and third parties use cookies and similar technologies on this website to collect information about your browsing activities which we use to analyse your use of the website, to personalise our services and to customise our online advertisements.