An urban legend, repeated even by some of the cast and crew, was that Fonzie's applying for and receiving a library card in the episode "Hard Cover," dated September 27, 1977 supposedly resulted in a 500 percent increase of library cards in the United States. ", "Bob Brunner, 'Happy Days' writer and producer, dies aged 78",, "Smithsonian National Museum of American History | Downtown DC BID | Washington DC", "The Martian: 5 Cool Little References The Movie Works In", "Dominic Cummings: Boris Johnson's adviser 'quoted Pulp Fiction' by telling aides they need to be 'cool like Fonzies, "How To "Fonzie" Your Online Marketing Jukebox", "Whatever happened to the stars of 80s TV? According to Winkler, "The Fonz was everybody I wasn't. – The Fonz (Happy Days)",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles that are excessively detailed from April 2014, All articles that are excessively detailed, Wikipedia articles with style issues from April 2014, Articles needing additional references from March 2015, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Mechanic, co-owner of Arnold's Drive-In, high school teacher, This page was last edited on 26 March 2021, at 00:22. The only advice Fonzie remembered his father giving was "Don't go out in the rain in your socks." It comes with a beautiful young woman, to whom there's more than meets the eye. In the Season 6 episode "Christmas Time", a sailor delivers a Christmas present ostensibly from his father (played by Eddie Fontaine), who wishes to make amends. Meanwhile, more sympathetic characters idolize Fonzie due to his success with women and his imperturbable "cool." Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Fonzie is able to get the guys tuxedos, but, in return, he joins them as a member of the band. Therefore, there is no way that the black biker could have sped off on his bike if the purse was in his left hand. One of Fonzie's few soft spots were for his beloved iconic motorcycle, and it is learned without it he no longer feels cool, as evidenced by his explanation in the season 3 episode, "The Motorcycle", when it turned out Ralph Malph accidentally destroyed it with his car when he didn't see it parked. The life and times of Fonzie the dog, and all his favorite friends. To many, Fonzie is seen as the epitome of cool. It is a spin-off of the live-action sitcom Happy Days. Jul 10, 2020 - Explore Amanda Barry's board "Fonzie" on Pinterest. Fonzie would at times demonstrate an almost magical ability to manipulate technology with just a nudge, bump or a snap of his fingers for things such as starting a car, turning on lights, coaxing free sodas from a vending machine, making girls respond, or changing the song selection on a jukebox - occasionally pounding one with his fist and eliciting the response of a classic 1950s tune, such as the Elvis Presley song Hound Dog. [20], In the 2015 sci-fi film The Martian, the character Mark Watney poses as the Fonz for his first official "proof of life" picture. The song did not appear on the Season 2 DVD release due to music licensing issues, so they replaced it with Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox's "Happy Days". With Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Marion Ross, Anson Williams. While displaying somewhat of a womanizing behavior, Fonzie always treated whomever he happened to be dating with utmost respect. The success of the show was pretty surprising considering the first season was not a huge hit.It is incredible that it ended up being one of the highest rated shows in the 1970s with a total of 255 episodes. Use the HTML below. [citation needed] In the series, Fonzie's thumbs-up gesture came to be not only a sign of approval, but also on a few occasions was a quiet gesture of gratitude, his own way of saying "thank you". Early on, Fonzie almost invariably addressed Richie and his peers by their surnames. Various episodes indicate that Fonzie has extensive martial arts training. Add the first question. But after Fonzie's bike breaks down and he has to push it twelve miles home, will he be able to summon the stamina to see the marathon through? In subsequent episodes, he out-dueled an expert fencer and mangled a gangster's prosthetic iron hand with one fist. Fonzie serves as Chachi's best man at their wedding. "People expect me to be this guy who can walk into a dark room, snap my fingers, and turn on the lights. Richie's sister Joanie also became attached to Fonzie; his pet name for her was "Shortcake." Fonzie was consistently portrayed as being very successful with women. Directed by Jerry Paris. is what Fonzie says prior to pinning Richie to a pool table. Even Richie's father, Howard ("Mr. C." to Fonzie and the most resistant to him living with them), a pillar of the community, came to regard Fonzie with affection and said "Ayyyy" when Fonzie moved into the garage. came from an improvised moment due to Winkler's refusal to constantly comb his hair or have a pack of cigarettes rolled up in his sleeve. "[18] On Happy Days, Fonzie met Mork, an alien. He and his mother were abandoned by his father. Fonzie is naturally delighted when his cousin who is also his best friend decides to marry a young woman he has grown to love as a little sister. When he (instead of Grandma Nussbaum) moves into the Cunninghams' garage apartment—a plot development that helped precipitate his increased presence in the series—he turns his old apartment over to his grandmother. A garage apartment is sometimes called a Fonzie flat. Because of this, Fonzie begins to admire Richie and over time grows fond of him, eventually referring to him as his best friend. This feature of his personality was parodied by Winkler's character in Children's Hospital, an administrator who cannot admit he was wrong about a decision. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Throughout the series he served as defender and protector of Richie, Ralph, and Potsie whenever they were confronted by various bullies and hoodlums. [7] In a 2001 poll conducted by Channel 4 in the UK, the Fonz was ranked 13th on their list of the 100 Greatest TV Characters. During the episode when Fonzie jumped the shark tank on the visit to California, it is revealed that sharks are just one of his fears the other was liver as seen in episode 135 "The Muckrakers" in 1975. In the episode "The One Hundredth" of Friends, Phoebe's doctor is obsessed with 'Fonzie'. Arthur Fonzarelli was born to an Italian-American family. [24] Or they want me to pound my fist on the hood of a car, and start the engine. While confident with women, he blushed whenever Marion ("Mrs. C." to Fonzie), who became like a surrogate mother to him, kissed him on the cheek. Despite the respect he has earned, several people still antagonized him – including Officer Kirk (Ed Peck), an overzealous police officer who sometimes (though never successfully) tried to frame Fonzie or run him out of town. See more ideas about the fonz, happy days tv show, happy day. A too-close shave while driving in a stock car race causes a shaken Fonzie to question his mortality, and soon leads him to Al Delvecchio's twin brother, Father Anthony, for some answers. It included a desk telephone and organized pull-down sheet of all the phone numbers Al recovered from the fire. I've tried! 175 likes. One original track on the album consists of an uncredited performer reciting Fonzie's various catch phrases to musical accompaniment. [16] ABC's censors refused Fonzie a leather jacket, thinking it made him look like a hoodlum. He and Chachi embrace for several seconds. Fonzie's devotion to her foreshadows his ongoing devotion to mother figures throughout the show, particularly to Marion Cunningham, whom Fonzie affectionately calls "Mrs. C." For example, when Marion feels her family no longer needs her, she learned the ways of the world from Fonzie, and Fonzie learned about the closeness of a tight-knit all-American family from the Cunninghams. Micky Dolenz, on the strength of his performance as a biker on a 1972 episode of Adam-12 called "Dirt Duel," was Garry Marshall's original choice to play Fonzie. Initially wanting to force people to attend, Fonzie learns from Howard that people cannot be forced to change their minds overnight. When Fonzie plays a loud bongo solo during a slow dance, Richie is chosen to give him the news that he's out of the band. In having Chachi come to live and work with him, Fonzie grows too, becoming an overall better, more responsible and caring person. He also learns that the sailor was his father, who admits in the letter that he doubted he would have the courage to reveal the truth to his son. Fonzie was able to be the older brother figure that Chachi needed in his life. Fonzie comes up with an unorthodox way of helping him, to try to persuade him to take the exam. Winkler receives requests to "be the Fonz" in real life. [15] Winkler, did, however, appear as Fonzie on several episodes of Sesame Street, usually in one- to two-minute segments explaining a letter of the alphabet. Actors wear … A search for a shorter actor as an alternative resulted in 5-foot-6 Henry Winkler landing the role. "What, you think you're gonna do that to me a second time?" She was the only person Fonzie allowed to address him by his first name, Arthur, which she always did affectionately. Very few women turned down his advances or made him nervous. Highlighting actor Henry Winkler's off-camera work, several episodes dealt with civil rights of people with disabilities. Richie worries about how to write an unbiased review of his mother's co-starring role in a local play while the Fonz defends her honor after the director makes a pass at her. Fonzie seems to respect people brave enough to stand up to him, as evidenced in the episode where Richie recalls meeting Fonzie for the first time while he was a member of a gang called the Falcons. "Fonz" redirects here. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1976 Vinyl release of "Happy Days - Fonzie Favorites" on Discogs. Though he never married in the series, he adopted a young orphan boy named Danny Corrigan, Jr., in the final season, completing his transformation from rebel to family man. In that election, Eisenhower got 457 electoral votes to 73 for Stevenson. Normally flirtatious with women, Fonzie is instead disgusted that the waitress does not serve black customers. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1976 Vinyl release of "Happy Days Soundtrack - Fonzie's Favorites - Do You Remember The 50'S" on Discogs. However, his model was the Grand Mark 2, made in England. The character was so popular by 1976, and being in the #1 show on television, that there was an unofficial Fonzie For President campaign during the US election that year, with buttons and stickers, and even a few such songs on 45-rpm records made by the groups The Heyettes and Bob Daveys.