That includes two comedy series called The Price of Happiness for Radio 4 about things she’s supposed to want but doesn’t and her current touring show “Where There’s Muck There’s Bras” about notable Northern women. She has a PhD in Performance from the University of Leeds. ( Log Out /  341 Favourites. She has used her reporting skills as a “plenary poet”, summarising conferences in poem version, for organisations including the Arts Council, Creative Partnerships, New Writing North and the People’s Powerhouse. ps: I AM NOT THE KATE FOX THE SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGIST WHO WROTE WATCHING THE ENGLISH. Sunday Poem – Kate Fox — Kim Moore – wendyprattpoetry. As she points out on stage, if you say you’re a comedian who does poems, not many people will come and see you; whereas if you say you’re a poet who does comedy…still not many people will come and see you but at least you get Arts Council funding… She enjoys being a variety of things but has found it can make you hard to categorise. A copy of which is available to download on the University of Hull website. Sallyann Clarke Beautiful copper fox I’d love to have you in my treasure box; Nicky Thomas She is a regular contributor to Radio 3’s The Verb and presenter of Radio 4’s “Pick of the Week”.Â, Radio 4 broadcast her two half hour comedy shows “The Price of Happiness” in 2015, and a second series in 2017. Are you 18 years of age or older? Kate Fox has made a living as a stand-up poet for ten years.She has nearly finished her PhD about class, gender and Northern humour). Kate Fox. Title: A Board as Heart. I couldn’t make up my mind if I loved this book or hated it. I almost forget I used to do loads of stuff. Listened to the show on R4 today, brilliant. She is a familiar radio voice, having presented Pick of the Week on Radio 4 and been a regular contributor to Radio 3’s The Verb, among many other broadcasts. 637 Favourites. Kate-FoX. this is sort of an obligation, sort of a privilege. Commission. She has featured on Radio 4’s Saturday Live, at the Glastonbury Festival and the Great North Run, and has performed commissioned poems for BBC1, BBC2’s Daily Politics, Radio 3 and 6Music. Kate Fox. PhD in solo stand up performance, class, gender and Northernness by Leeds University and has published on Northernness, resistance and comedy in books and journals including Dead Ink’s Know Your Place, Comedy Studies journal and “Comedy and Resistance” published by Palgrave. Weekly Poem for 03 March 2021 'COMPLAINING' by Gabriel Àkámọ́. 568 Favourites. She won a Graduate Student Award from the International Society of Humor Studies.Â, Her activism often takes the form of writing, researching and performing shows which are subtly resistant. Or check out the trailer for the touring solo version of the show here: “Fabulous, feminist and funny”- Morning Star. I’ve been Poet in Residence for all sorts of things – from the Glastonbury Festival to the Great North Run – but to be around people whose world is books and who love the power of words will be a particular pleasure.” Kate Fox’s book got me researching serial killers, a topic I normally avoid, but I didn’t mind. Check out the show’s website, here! Her latest poetry collection The Oscillations, published in February, touches on personal experiences of the pandemic – including grieving for her step mum, Rosemary. 9 Comments. who didn’t chuck themselves under a horse, but who managed to steer their own course. She describes herself as a neurodiversity activist and is on the steering group of the University of Kent’s Playing A/Part project researching how performance can illuminate the lives of autistic women. I’m still being a poet and broadcaster though. Based on ADF’s morning training session by ITC chief exec Charlotte Jones when we had the stripper on. Follow poet Kate Fox on her mental and physical journey as she prepares for the Bupa Great North Run. Inside, a yellowing label "Dunn and Co Gentleman's Outfitters, Duraform". Fox originally trained as a radio journalist at Trinity and Leeds Trinity University in Leeds and worked as a reporter, bulletin reader and desk editor at commercial stations including Metro Radio and Galaxy Radio in Newcastle and Manchester until 2005. Poll. I like the directness of this poem, and felt like, as a woman, it was talking to me. Weekly Poem for 19 February 2021 'Maps' by David Constantine. Weekly Poem for 15 December 2020 Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Kate-FoX. Create a free website or blog at She is also currently writing a commissioned play about an imagined encounter between Ted Hughes and Bernard Manning for the Ted Hughes Festival.Â, In 2017 she directed and co-wrote (with Hull collective Women of Words) a show called “Queens of the North”,  a commission from Hull 2017 and the BBC’s Contains Strong Language Festival.Â. In 2009 she was the only writer ever to do a Cultural Leadership placement and researched writers’ work with young people. I’ve always wanted to write one since reading Julia Copus’s ‘In the Back Seat of My Mother’s Car’. Check it out here: The Conversation articleÂ. These six exceptional books, selected by judges Kate Fox, Holliday Grainger, Zahid Hussain and Simon Savidge, explore Northern lives and landscapes across fiction and non-fiction. Publications include “Fox Populi” from Smokestack Books (2013),  pieces in Bloodaxes’s “Funny Peculiar, Funny Ha Ha” and the “Iron Book of Humorous Verse” and she has edited several anthologies of young writers work. Her next collection “The Oscillations” will be published by Nine Arches in 2021 and she is currently on the Poetry Business’ Advanced Poetry course. 1 Comments. ), I’ve been collaborating with photographer Colin Potsig on projects where we use my words and his images to explore things- initially fellow autistic people. through the things they were told they couldn’t do.  She won a K Blundell Trust grant from the Society of Authors. Still making me think Kim, thanks. 12 Comments. making the chain, of women you’ll still mostly never name, as they stretch into the horizon’s edge. ... Jagger's Yurt: Poems from Glastonbury 2013 by. DO NOT GET IN TOUCH TO ASK ME TO TALK ABOUT WHY ENGLISH PEOPLE QUEUE AND DRINK TEA. Kate Fox is a writer, performer and broadcaster who sometimes describes herself as a stand-up poet. She has appeared on Radio 4.  She is currently making #Lass War on the man-heavy Northern Powerhouse. THOUGH I HAVE THOUGHTS ON THIS AND MANY OTHER THINGS. As a reminder for me- this was a lovely profile of me by Hazel Davis that came out in the Before Times.Â. She has taught and facilitated numerous creative writing. I wasn't entitled to my father's name but I asked to keep his hat.  Her stand up spoken word show celebrating Northern women; “Where There’s Muck There’s Bras” sold out several theatres in the North of England when it toured after being commissioned by the Great Exhibition of the North in 2018. Please note that these poems were written by Kate Fox as ‘Poet in Residence’ on the day – they were written in rapid response to the day and performed by Kate at the start and end of the afternoon session. Now other stuff, e.g the video above and:Â, I finished my collection of poems The Oscillations which is coming out with Nine Arches Press in February 2021Â, My show “Bigger on the Inside” exploring neuordiversity and autism through the lens of Doctor Who was commissioned by, and performed at the BBC’s Contains Strong Language Festival in September 2020. ( Log Out /  Kate sent this to me a couple of weeks ago after reading my post around ‘mode of address‘ and who we are talking to as poets. Awake, they tussled up and down the honeysuckle, still kits, all muzzle, light feet. Today’s Sunday Poem is by Kate Fox.  Kate sent this to me a couple of weeks ago after reading my post around ‘mode of address‘ and who we are talking to as poets. The verses include references to activities she tried out in one week in one hall. Here we talk about poetry about the moment, the places we are, and history. Kate-FoX. 3 Comments. Change ). Biography. Kate Fox’s most popular book is Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour. I was in the middle of a tour of my show about Northern women when the world went mad. I’m training for the London marathon so saved the podcast (from my old school) as a treat for my long run today. Do get in touch with gig queries, questions, thoughts, kind words…. Moira, Loved Kate Fox’s poetry at Lakes Alive. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. per Reward post (usually 2 per month) She recently came second (by 0.1 point!) First poem. Her work has been commissioned by Radio 4’s From Fact to Fiction, Radio 3’s The Verb, BBC2’s Daily Politics Show, Radio 2’s Grimm Up North and many others. Writer, Broadcaster and Performer: Where There's Muck, There's Bras. Engaging with fellow participants, club runners, event organisers and local people the way, Kate shows how sport and creativity can inspire each other. Basically she’s a writer and performer and due to her extensive work on the radio in the past few years, quite a few people do come and see her work after all. Susi Pitura She has supported acts including Linton Kwesi Johnson, Hollie McNish, John Cooper Clarke and John Hegley and is a headline act in her own right. Years after you loaded your last bomb. Little spirit. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! performance and comedy workshops, including for the Arvon Foundation, First Story, Creative Partnerships and New Writing North. to snap the lens shutter so you can go back to people who suit you. Your email address will not be published. Kate Fox Kate Fox ‘s poems have appeared in the Great River Review, Green Mountains Review, Valparaiso Review, Mount Hope, and West Branch. A video poem about the importance of tea (commissioned by Yorkshire Festival): A poem ITV filmed before she set off to be Glastonbury Festival Poet in Residence: Here. Aoki and Akane. Excerpts from Kate Fox’s poems are included in the March 2018 Preliminary Outcomes Evaluation Report, published by the Culture, Place and Policy Institute of the University of Hull. She declared “Lass War” on male-heavy representations of the Northern Powerhouse in a protest outside a Northern Powerhouse conference in 2017 and has spoken on several panels about how important it is to improve representations of neurodiversity, Northern Englishness and working classness in the arts and media.Â. She’s also a gentle activist and campaigner for the voices of Northerners, the working class, women and the neurodiverse to be heard; mainly by teaching and running workshops in schools and community groups -and by speaking, writing, raising awareness and tutting at injustice and inequality. how that Auntie started a driving school, the realisation that your brows all wrinkle in the same place. Yes, I am 18 or older. you hold that thread that they’ve all spun. ... Kate-FoX. I went to see Lemn Sissay at the Brewery with a friend this week – what a great performer he is.  Watching him is basically a masterclass in how to hold the attention of an audience.  And the story of ‘Something Dark’, his play, is absolutely heartbreaking. She is a regular contributor to Radio 3’s The Verb and presenter of Radio 4’s “Pick of the Week”. but you’re hearing fragments of chatter. 845 Favourites. Recent poem:  Recent poem on the poet Kim Moore’s blog, Link to Kate performing live from Hull 2017 on Woman’s Hour, talking Lass War & accents & performing a poem: She won the Andrew Waterhouse Award from New Writing North in 2006, an Arts Council Time to Write award and in 2019, an ACE Developing Your Creative Practice Award. I’m an ex pat Hullensian lass, living in Essex. somehow your nan’s not distracted by the Yorkshire terrier, and your mum’s not said anything mean about your hair, though mostly every alternate woman in my chain. back, back in a long line that stretches further than you can see. Kate 12 Comments. ( Log Out /  A list of poems by Susan Rich - The Academy of American Poets is the largest membership-based nonprofit organization fostering an appreciation for contemporary poetry and supporting American poets. She was awarded a PhD in solo stand up performance, class, gender and Northernness at Leeds University. It has been a strange week for me – the #metoo hashtag on social media has made me sad and angry and hopeful in an exhausting cycle..  Amongst all of this, I’ve had to get on with doing stuff as well of course.  I had a meeting with my  PhD supervisors about the next stage of the PhD, the RD2 form.  I’d sent them some writing, which was far too personal to use, but I wanted to try and get straight in my head what I’m trying to do with the PhD.  I’ve got to make it much more ‘academic’, less personal etc etc.  I’ve had a go this week and have almost finished the ‘Abstract’ part of the RD2, in what I hope is a more academic voice.  It feels like putting on another head.  I wonder if everybody feels like this or if it’s just me. across maps, piece up and rearrange continents, and even though we can’t see their faces. 2 thoughts on “ Kate Fox’s Watching the English ” Charles Kirke November 27, 2006 at 3:36 pm. Chronotopia by Kate Fox £ 9.99 These poems come from a variety of residencies and random thoughts over the past few years; from the Glastonbury Festival and the Great North Run, from a Cheshire mill and a Muslim girl's school in Bradford. (First series on iPlayer here: The Price of Happiness). I’ve actually felt like this is the best rest I’ve had for years. Trekking from the city centre during the blitz. She has also performed her poetry on BBC1 and BBC2. I may have been a bit tired/emotional but I genuinely wept at your stirring womanifesto and want to give copies to my nieces and maybe even the girls of St Mary’s College Hull. She has made two comedy series for BBC Radio 4, is a regular voice on shows like ‘Pick of The Week’ and Radio 3’s ‘The Verb’, and has been Poet-in-Residence for the Great North Run, Glastonbury Festival and ‘Saturday Live’ on Radio 4. Kate Fox. Perhaps you could say ‘The personal is poetical’ though of course it would, as you say, not be accepted for academic documents. MM: I’d like to start by talking about the organization of the Oscillations, which you’ve sorted into poems of After and Before the Coronavirus Pandemic. Really enjoyed it. Not only was my desire for approval naive (I have since come to understand that it is silly to think that one can challenge and also have approval), it was dangerous precisely because such a longing can undermine radical commitment, compelling a change in voice so as to gain regard. She has been a Poet in Residence on Radio 4’s Saturday Live, Glastonbury Festival and the Great North Run. Kate Fox is a writer, comedian and ‘stand-up poet’. Click here for further details. Poet Kate Fox talks about her new collection The Oscillations, exploring distance and isolation in the age of the pandemic, refracted through the lenses of neurodiversity and trauma in poems … Kate Fox reads as part of the Verse Matters event at Moor Theatre Delicatessen, 17 The Moor, Sheffield, S1 4PF on Saturday 27 May. Weekly Poem for 24 February 2021 'Pharmacopoeia' by Kate Fox. She is now working on a book of the show for a major publisher. Kate Fox, Poet of the Fair, commented: “I’m so chuffed to be selected as Poet of the Fair (a pleasingly rhythmic title). Your email address will not be published. I forgot we were sitting in a yurt with no walls with rain falling sideways while listening to her (she was that good). DeviantArt - Homepage. See more ideas about drawing poses, art reference, drawings. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. in the Radio 4 Poetry Slam. Read Kate Fox’s poem ‘We Thought There’d Be More People’ here . KATE Fox has been commissioned by the National Rural Touring Forum (NRTF) to write and perform a poem this week in line with the celebrations for village halls. She trained as a journalist and radio reporter. It may be through some foreign grace, Henry Timrod was born in Charleston, South Carolina to Thyrza Prince and William Henry Timrod, a bookbinder and amateur poet whose shop was a gathering place for lawyers, politicians, editors, and writers—some of the keenest minds of the city. In the shows she talked about why she doesn’t want: children, a big white wedding, to be middle class or have a Hollywood body! She recently made two comedy shows for Radio 4 called The Price of Happiness. Katie Clinton The copper fox trots around eternity Seeking solace, seeking love, Seeking you or me. Pose study 120. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I’ve also started reading feminst theorist bell hooks this week, and absolutely loving her work.  She writes about feminism, racism and class.  I could only find one of her books in the library, ‘talking back’, published in 1989 but it feels like it could have been published last week.  As those of you who have read my past few blogs will know, I’ve been thinking a lot about who I am addressing with my poetry, and also about responses to the poems I’m writing.  When I read the following, I felt elated, that someone had articulated what I’ve been struggling with for different reasons: When I first began to talk publicly about my work, I would be disappointed when audiences were provoked and challenged but seemed to disapprove. Kate Fox (b.1975) is a Northern spoken word artist, poet and comedian. Kate Fox is the daughter of anthropologist Robin Fox.As a child she lived in the UK, the United States, France, and Ireland.She studied for an undergraduate degree in anthropology and philosophy at Cambridge University.In 1989 she became co-director of MCM Research Ltd., and continues to provide consulting services. Kate Fox is a stand-up poet. I also love the humour in this poem – ‘somehow your nan’s not distracted by the Yorkshire terrier/ and your mum’s not said anything mean about your hair’.  I think the humour makes sure that the poem does not become sentimental.  That phrase/motto ‘you can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends’ is kind of buried in the poem in the middle ‘you’re waiting for someone/to snap the lens shutter so you can go back to people who suit you/your husband, your friends’.  I like that the poem acknowledges that there are different ways of living a feminist life. Oh- also, she recently invented a new word for when humour and seriousness combine: Humitas. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Kate-FoX. Kate’s poems have also been published in “The Iron Book of Humorous Verse” (Iron Press-2012), “The Gardeners” (OWF Press-2014), Poetry Salzburg, the Morning Star, Anon, Under the Radar, Rising, Sand, Magma, Ink Sweat and Tears, the Biscuit Prizewinners Anthology and quite a … Details to be revealed when contract  ink is dry! Woven with grey wool in billowing mills where he bought and sold. Kate Fox in the National Portrait Gallery: Link to Portrait and Blurb about it. Two poems by Natalie Whittaker. Kate Fox is a poet based in Northern England who has made two comedy series for Radio 4 and written and performed numerous broadcast poetry commissions as a regular on Radio 3’s The Verb and Radio 4’s Saturday Live. She has been a Poet in Residence on Radio 4’s Saturday Live, Glastonbury Festival and the Great North Run. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. I’m sure we’d have sold out. The circle of his skull must have been narrower than mine but pulled tight down the trilby sits securely on my crown. Years of desert deployments. 685 Favourites. Kate found the postures and physicality of these silhouettes to be particularly emotive and hopes to create a poem that might add to this idea of a physical female presence. #onehourreimagine. Happy to discuss how best to distribute so you don’t lose out. These women who are not on an official record. Kate Fox is a poet, comedian and performance and writing facilitator based in Newcastle upon Tyne. What a treat! by Kate Fox. 900 Favourites. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Here’s an update on some stuff I’ve done lately/am doing: I’m also working on a project which will continue my celebration of Northern women “Where There’s Muck There’s Bras”. It was lit up with occasional observations of great power and entertainment value but suffered from being too general and too unfocused. I hope not – I hope the poem just shifts the ground underneath male readers by looking past them to the women standing next to them. She has been commissioned to write and perform poems for BBC1 (Including 2014’s “Great North Passion” in South Shields and the Great North Run, 2011 and 2015), BBC2’s Daily Politics, Radio 3’s “The Verb”, 6Music and many Radio 4 shows and has performed at venues from Latitude to the Stand Comedy Club, the Soho Theatre to Oakland University, USA and Turku Literature Festival in Finland. Kate Fox is a writer, performer and broadcaster who sometimes describes herself as a stand-up poet. As well as being beautiful works of art, these poems serve as an additional layer  Her new show “Bigger on the Inside” uses a stand up lecture format to explore the history of neurodiversity through a lens of Doctor Who and was commissioned by the BBC’s Contains Strong Language Festival in 2020. 🙂. the threads are criss-crossing with other chains, ones that got lost and trampled in the dirtÂ, but at this moment it’s making a double helix, you’re holding it, just this one thread. Kate Fox is a poet, performer and comedian. Kate Fox has 28 books on Goodreads with 23337 ratings. She has been poet in residence for the Great North Run, Saturday Live on Radio 4 and the Glastonbury Festival. Further outings are planned.Â, I presented a Pick of the Week for Radio 4 in May and have made some appearances on my favourite radio show Radio 3’s The Verb- including with a piece about how lockdown made me lose my sense of humour and how much I missed cafes:Â, It sounds like I’ve been really busy. She won the Andrew Waterhouse Award for poetry from New Writing North in 2006. This idea of women who are not on an official record came up yesterday in the workshop – poet Katie Hale is researching her family history and came upon a census where the man’s name is written and the women listed as ‘female relative’ with their age. Required fields are marked *, Reblogged this on Writing and running, the food of life and commented: There was a Dove Cottage Young Poets session on Friday and then Brewery Poets on Friday night.  I took a specular (mirror poem) that I’d written. Thanks to Kate for letting me use her poem this week.  Kate came and read at the Lakes Alive festival a couple of weeks ago, along with Mark Pajak, and they were both brilliant, putting up with gale force winds, torrential rain and an outdoor reading to a small and soggy audience.  They handled everything that was thrown at them with grace, humour and energy and left me congratulating myself at my own genius for booking them.  If you hear of Kate performing anywhere near you – go and see her.  She is funny, but her poetry will make you think as well.  She’s a great performer, but as you can see below, her poems have depth and layers and work on the page as well. Kate Fox is creating Comics, 2D art, pose-study sets and fox-illustration. I like the directness of this poem, and felt like, as a woman, it was talking to me.  Does that mean it can’t be read by men because it is talking about maternal lineage? Join Kate Fox plus guest poets Joanne Limburg and Jessica Mookherjee to celebrate the publication of Kate's new collection The Oscillations.. Thursday 25 February 7.30pm (GMT) This event will be streamed live through the Nine Arches Press YouTube channel.. Those who register to 'attend' will receive an event link by email the day before the event. Born in Bradford in 1975, she has been poet in Residence for the Great North Run and regularly for Radio 4’s Saturday Live since 2007, as well as at the Glastonbury Festival in 2013. Kim Moore’s latest post, Pingback: Sunday Poem – Kate Fox — Kim Moore – wendyprattpoetry, ‘The personal is the political’ was/is a feminist slogan from the 60s onward. I tweeted you earlier – thanks for the reply. The copper fox trots… round and round, outward bound, food his daily quest… Home, home again, goes to ground, aah… blessed rest! Sep 8, 2018 - Explore Salvador Salvador's board "Kate fox ( Great Tutorials )", followed by 393 people on Pinterest. This was years after your friend froze to death on the concrete staircase outside his Florida apartment. Kate Fox works mainly as a stand-up poet and as a broadcaster and speaker. Reading this made me realise that feeling discomfort is not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, when I read bell hooks, I feel discomfort because I know, as a white woman, I’m not the main, intended audience of bell hooks.  That doesn’t mean, however, I can’t read her, and learn from her.  Maybe discomfort marks the potential for change, when the sense of self and where we fit in the world is shifted, however incrementally.