They also pay out commissions on yearly and monthly renewals. MailerLite provides all in one email marketing features including drag & drop editor, landing page builder, email automations and so on. Hi I a newbie int affiliate marketing and learned a lot of things from your blog. Visit this page to become an affiliate for AccessWP. Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!). Here’s the affiliate sign up page where you can fill up a form to become their affiliate for free. They are also a top-rated CBD brand in the industry, making it easy to promote them. Whether you combine these affiliate programs with your existing products or services or you refer your clients to them directly, these types of relationships are essential to reducing your costs as a business and ultimately figuring out how to earn and keep a passive income. One of the best things about affiliate marketing is that there’s not a lot you have to do – all you need to do is make sure that you’ve got the promotional side of things sorted. Affiliate Description: AWeber is an email marketing platform that allows 100,000+ small businesses and entrepreneurs to create and send emails people love. Let’s now talk about some of the best email marketing affiliate products that offer you recurring commissions. Here’s our earning report from Serpstat so far. Looking for the best affiliate programs with recurring commissions to get some prosperity happening in your life? You’ll earn 30% of both the initial sale and the recurring payments whenever someone purchases MailerLite via your affiliate link. Affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions function like regular programs, but the difference can be a lower recurring payout compared to a higher one-time payment. Here, we will be discussing 10 best two tier affiliate programs that will help you to earn extra income with some good recurring commissions. TorGuard provides Anonymous VPN, Proxy and Email Services and also has a huge network of 3000+ global VPN servers in over 50+ countries. You will earn a 50% recurring commission from people you refer to them as long as they remain a paying customer, every month. People love it when things are explained to them in different ways. Thrive Themes is well-known for offering conversion focused premium WordPress themes & plugins. An affiliate program is when a company pays you a commission for selling their services or products on their behalf. Email marketing is a great way to reach your existing customers and new ones too. You can check the following image to see exactly how many referrals you need to get 50% recurring commission. It was founded by Jack Cator back in 2005 and it is now used by more than 400 million people worldwide. I was searching for recurring affiliate programs and came to this page, wonderful job! They payout as much as 30 percent commissions with a 90-day cookie. How can you become A ContentStudio partner? When you sign-up for an affiliate program with recurring commissions, you’ll often be given access to a member dashboard where you can generate affiliate links, track signups, and choose your payment method. ], Top 11 Grammarly Alternatives 2021 [Best Apps Like Grammarly To Proofread Your Text], One is “Slab based” where can earn up to $125 per sale based on the Performance Slabs, The other is “Hybrid” where you can earn $30 per sale + 7% lifetime commission, Enterprise plans $500 commission per sale, You can earn a $50 bonus for referring 10 or more people in any given month, You can earn a $300 Bonus for referring 30 or more people in any given month, Pro Plan costs $119.95 Monthly (so you can earn a commission of $47.98/month), Guru Plan costs $229.95 Monthly (so you can earn a commission of $91.98/month), Business Plan costs $449.95 Monthly (so you can earn a commission of $179.98/month), If you generate up to 3 payments, you’ll get 5% commission, If you generate 4 to 10 payments, you’ll get 10% commission, If you generate 11 to 20 payments, you’ll get 20% commission, If you generate 21 payments or more, you’ll get 30% commission, New ClickFunnels’ Affiliates will earn 20% commission, The affiliates who have earned $1000 in commissions in a month can start earning 30% commission, Once you have a minimum of 40 active ClickFunnels’ members paying for their membership through your affiliate links for at least 30 days, you are qualified for their 40% monthly recurring commissions. Some recurring affiliate programs might ask you to start using their product or service to promote their product (example, RescueTime). GetResponse is an all in one marketing software solution that provides you everything from email marketing to webinars to landing pages to marketing automation. If you’re looking for recurring commissions, you should pick their “Hybrid” model. You can get paid recurring commissions for all their products including pCloud Premium, pCloud Premium Plus, pCloud Crypto or pCloud Business. Last updated on November 25, 2019 By Nat Leave a Comment Disclosure: When you click on any link on this website, we may receive a commission. ClickFunnels 4. How to sign up for the Long Tail Pro affiliate program? Most of the time, affiliate programs will pay you every 30 to 60 days via PayPal or bank transfer. How to become an affiliate for RescueTime? With this in mind, the idea of getting paid repeatedly for all the effort you put in must feel pretty good. These include things like a dashboard, support, time frames for the payout, cookies, and tracking. NinjaOuteach 22. After the registration, you get access to promo materials for a total in 9 languages – banners, links, widgets, special offers. Top 50 Affiliate Programs With Recurring Commissions 1. For those products, you can join their affiliate program on CJ, ShareASale etc. They work with so you’ll need to sign up through if you want to join their program. For example, if a user chooses the $299 Team plan from SpyFU, you’ll earn $119.60 total, paid out every month. So yes, there’s a huge potential to make thousands of dollars each month from BeRush if you have a proper content marketing strategy. These are often products such as software products and memberships. Once you get their approval message, you can start promoting their product. Try Semrush 30 Days for FREE (Worth $119.95). How much can you earn from Elegant Themes? This could be anything from an annual payout to a monthly payout, and it could last for the rest of your life. The affiliate program works best for those who are also a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. Initially, the program itself should be free for you to join, however with some companies they will want you to buy their product in order to sign up. ClickFunnels pays you up to 40% monthly recurring commissions. How much can you earn from the PureVPN affiliate program? Payment Via: PayPal. They have top quality 3rd party lab testing to ensure industry leading purity. So every time your referrals pay their monthly bill, you make a 33% recurring commission based on their plan. Simply fill in the required details to access your affiliate panel. As an affiliate of ClickFunnels, you earn 40% recurring commissions per referral. They submit all their affiliate payouts via Bank Transfer or Bitcoin. You can earn up to 100% commission per sale. LiveChat. You might add it under “SEO Recurring Affiliate Programs”. You can earn 25% recurring commission every single month. ZenMate is a popular VPS and WiFi proxy VPN service which is used by more than 22 million users worldwide and it offers incredible commission payouts to its affiliates. So if you’re looking to promote an excellent VPS hosting choice to your audience, RoseHosting is a better choice. Snappa is a fully-featured graphic design tool for marketers and bloggers to create graphics for social media, blogs, ads, and more. Visit this page to create your account for free and join their affiliate program. Here’s their sign up page to quickly set up an affiliate account to promote their product. RescueTime is a widely popular automatic time-tracking software that tracks time on sites and apps. You will be earning a 50% recurring commission every month, until the lifetime of the referral subscription. 12. The best way to find recurring programs is to find a product or service that offers monthly subscriptions. Here’s the page to create an ActiveCampaign account to get started! How much can you earn from the SamCart affiliate program? What is an Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions? You get paid $38.80 to $118.80 each month for each referred customer. You can earn a 30% commission for every referral who subscribes through your affiliate links including all future recurring payments. How much does LiveChat pay for affiliates? SpyFu is an excellent competitor research tool that offers incredible features for SEO and PPC campaigns at affordable prices. They have a unique way of approving their affiliates as you’ll need to first go through a quick quiz so they can see if you’re the right fit for their affiliate program. Hashtags For Likes is a hashtag search engine that finds the latest trending hashtags for you to use on your posts. They also provide 30-day free trials without a credit card so it’s easier to increase your conversions. SamCart is a popular shopping cart software which offers excellent features to sell both digital and physical products online. Serpstat is a growth hacking tool which is used for SEO and PPC campaigns. A recurring program is when an affiliate makes a commission for selling a site’s product on a recurring (or monthly) basis. Feel free to connect with our team by email! So, what exactly is this affiliate program commissions thing that we’re talking about, then? However this comes into a nice recurring affiliate program due to the fact that Affiliate Recruiter has a 2nd tier affiliate commissions for any referrals you make to the platform. If you are blogger or digital marketer & looking for some best recurring affiliate programs that will pay you for lifetime, here are some of them. You’ve just got to put your mind to it and remember to work smarter, not harder. How much can you earn from the Payhip affiliate program? Commission: 15% An affiliate program that comes with recurring commissions. Here’s their commission structure for each plan. RoseHosting offers a recurring 10% commission on every payment made by your referrals. Once you’re approved, you can start promoting their product. The other is the “Affiliate Recurring Program” which pays you 33% recurring commission on each successful referral. It helps you to earn huge commissions on the sales or leads you generate. They reward their affiliates with 20% lifetime affiliate commission on every customer referred to them. Of course, there’s always some cons to go with the pros. How to sign up for their affiliate program? The 90+ Best Affiliate Programs for Recurring Commissions 1. Visit this page to become an affiliate for Long Tail Pro. → BeRush (which is also known as Semrush affiliate program, offers 40% recurring commission)→ Shopify (20% recurring commission)→ AWeber (30% recurring commission)→ RoseHosting (10% recurring commission). Recurring: Yes Recurring: No You can earn up to 30% recurring commission on every sale that is made through your affiliate links. How to sign up for Snappa as an affiliate? Their product Semrush is widely popular in the SEO industry and it is used by more than 5 million people worldwide. How much can you earn from the Post Affiliate Pro affiliate program? Here’s how their commission structure works. You can earn 30% recurring commissions on every upgrade, new user, and subscription renewal on Time Doctor. A quick tip: Make sure to try their SEO tool which is Semrush if you want to earn good profits from their affiliate program. Payment Via: PayPalVerma Farms is one of the best CBD brands in the business and have been featured in Forbes. We also made decent earnings from Elegant Themes affiliate program. For instance, if you’ve sold their Monthly Basic plan which costs $49, you earn a 30% commission of $14.70. This means that the more leads you convert into sales, the higher your monthly or annual payout will end up being. Improvely 18. Let’s get started without much ado. Ninja Outreach is the all-in-one blogger outreach software which gives you access to over 78 million social media and blogger influencers worldwide. If you integrate your affiliate program naturally into your blog posts, you’ll be able to drive more traffic to the product or service that you’re promoting. Wealthy Affiliate pays 47.5% recurring commission to affiliate who holds premium membership of the community. But really confuse and having few doubts. This is often your best angle as an affiliate. One of the best ways to bring traffic to something that you’re promoting is to write a review about it. Click here to join the Snappa affiliate program for free. Recurring affiliate programs pay you commissions for as long as your referrals make payments. Yes, you heard it right. Recurring: Yes All the referral program commissions are paid through PayPal MassPay. For instance, a program that pays a 20 percent recurring commission on a $30 monthly bill (a $6 monthly commission) compared to a single commission of $30 for the first payment. Liquid Web has both. Get 40% commissions on all the sales made from related products in the Clickfunnels ecosystem. Recurring: Yes – some deals The best recurring affiliate programs are those which offer a lifetime value to the customer. pCloud is an easy-to-use cloud storage solution which provides highly secure cloud storage which is used by more than 10 million people worldwide. Currently they have over 30,000 affiliates and Elegant Themes pay out over $3,000,000 per year to them! You’ll earn a 30% recurring commission on all sales generated through your links. Also, you’ll get a 100% commission on your first invoice for the 1 Month Plan. SEO Clerks 13. 10 High-Paying Affiliate Programs. Commission: 30% Some of the links to products on this blog are affiliate links. An affiliate program that comes with recurring commissions. Commission: 50% How much can you earn as an affiliate with Depositphotos? Shopify offers a “Shopify Partner Program” where it pays you a 20% recurring commission on every successful referral’s monthly subscription fee. It is also used as a distraction blocking software to improve your overall productivity while working online. How much can you earn from SEOPressor Connect? SEM Rush 6. How much can you earn from their affiliate program? Also, you’ll get your commission payouts twice a month through PayPal or Wire transfer. ClickBank 25. Drip 11. Copyright BloggersPassion © 2009-2021 | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Sitemap, Learn How to grow your affiliate income from $0 to $1,000 in a month (Worth $197). You can earn a 30% recurring commission for all the SocialPilot subscription sales and you get a commission for every renewal. ConvertKit Review: Is it The Best Email Marketing Software? Socialoomph 15. Top 50 Handpicked List of Best Recurring Income Affiliate Programs for 2021, Social Media Recurring Affiliate Programs, Email Marketing Recurring Affiliate Programs, Internet Marketing Recurring Affiliate Programs, FAQs About Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs, Final thoughts on the best recurring affiliate programs, Click here to join the BeRush affiliate program, Best SEO Affiliate Programs to Promote & Earn More Money. So once you’ve made a sale, you lose that customer to the product owner. Check out this page to become their affiliate and start earning 50% commission of your referral’s first year’s purchase and 30% for every year after that. They are very easy to sell, here’s our review of them. Also, you can earn 2% recurring commission for all customers that are referred by an affiliate you refer to Time Doctor. It’s your mission… and now is a great time to accept it! All affiliates make 20% recurring commissions. You can earn an ongoing monthly income by joining the free Teachable recurring affiliate programs. Click on this page to sign up for their affiliate program. Commission: 20-30% How to sign up for the Payhip affiliate program? You can visit this page to become an affiliate with the Serpstat affiliate program. Once you finish the form, they will create a unique ID for you so that you can start promoting AWeber to your audience. How much do affiliates earn with ZenMate? PremiumCoding offers premium WordPress themes which are used by over 32,000 people worldwide. Recurring: Yes Read: Best SEO Affiliate Programs to Promote & Earn More Money. Once approved, you’ll get a unique referral link so you can start promoting their product. If you refer an affiliate, you earn 5% of sales he generates while he still gets its 40%. Most affiliate programs don’t offer recurring commissions. In this section, we’ll cover various internet or digital marketing recurring affiliate programs ranging from help desk software to graphic design tools, eCommerce software and so on. If the product or service that you’re promoting is naturally relevant to your business, why not include it as an extension, and market it as part of the services that you already offer? Here’s the link to sign up for the Cloudways account. Let us know in the comments. Web hosting is an extremely competitive industry and there are hundreds of options available for users to host their sites. They have been around for many years now so they are easy to promote. How can you become an affiliate for Tailwind? All of these features are going to make your life a whole lot easier. Two cool benefits on this: You can easily join these affiliate programs, like today; They’re all recurring commission products or services. Payhip offers an all-in-one solution to sell digital products such as ebooks, software, digital downloads and so on. Get 40% recurring affiliate commissions for every Clickfunnels sales made. Here’s the sign up page to join as an affiliate for NinjaOutreach. How to join the Cloudways affiliate program?